Protect the Boss Episode 16 Synopsis Summary (with Preview Video)

Synopsis and plot recap summary for episode 16 of Protect the Boss Korean drama:

Jihun decides to take some time to think about what he wishes to do and what he supposes to do in this world, and how to accomplish them. He announces a temporary suspension on their love, and Eunsul accepts it with composure. Jihun becomes upset without realizing when Eunsul seems to accept his announcement too easily, and asks Eunsul if he ever means something for her. But Eunsul whose heart is already hurt eventually yells at him, telling him to go on his own path.

Upon seeing Eun Sul who immediately cries when reached home, Nayun and Myungran guess that both of them may have broke up. When Jihun backs home, Muwon asks Jihun whether he has had a fight with Eunsul. Jihun admits and is told by Mu Won not to be crazy and let Eunsul left.

Eunsul had received the the order to be relegated and transferred to new location and she was packing her belongings at the Secretary’s Office. Secretary Kim who is asked to be Ji Hun’s secretary again comes in complaining that he does not want to be his secretary. Mu won suggests to Eun Sul to resign, but Eun Sul says she needs the job.

Eun Sul visits Ji Hun’s room. When leaving, she encounters Ji Hun who comes out of elevator, Ji Hun turns back to look at Eun Sul while door closing, though miss each other, they do not speak.

In the meeting, grandmother asks Mu Won to temporarily in charge of the company, and sends Ji Hun elsewhere. Shin Sook Hee visits Chairman Cha in hospital, which expectedly causes Chairman Cha to get angry and he suspects she is behind the plot.

At home, Na Yun begs Eun Sul not to leave, to resign and come to her company. Eun Sul just tells her to find Myung Ran a job. Na Yun feels sorry as it’s her mother fault.

Eun Sul takes a bus to her new working place, a warehouse at a remote area. Person in charge tells her not many last longer than a week, she says she will survive. But she is not giving any works as instruction from high level. She helps them to stack boxes anywhere.

Chairman Cha is getting 5 years of community service and fine instead as probation. Though he is unwilling, he apologizes at a press conference, and steps down from DN group. Eun Sul father comes yelling at him, telling him he should know how to be embarrassed. Furious Chairman Cha gets up from the wheelchair, which reveals that he is actually not sick.

Ji Hun keeps thinking of Eun Sul and is not paying attention at the meeting.

While shopping with Myung Ran, Na Yoon spots Mu Won, and goes to him, asking him to help her carries her bags home. She daydreams about kissing and intimating with Mu Won, and is later teased by Mu Won for daydreaming. While fighting, Chairman Cha feels pain at heart again.

Grandmother assigns Mu Won’s mother as the temporary Chairman. Chairman Cha barges into the meeting room protesting the assignment, but grandmother has made up her mind, as she wants Mu Won’s mother to have a taste of the position to eliminate her desire.

Mu Won informs Ji Hun that he is going to visit Eun Sul as he can’t let her alone at the new working place. Ji Hun takes up a tablet and watches the video message Eun Sul left him, recording at her last working day in the office, asking him not to find her. Later in the car, Ji Hun asks secretary Kim to drive her to Eun Sul’s place.

Mu Won meets up with Eun Sul at her new working place. He thinks she is wasting her time there, and promises to transfer her out as he now has the ability to do so, as previously order was issued by Chairman Cha.

Ji Hun asked secretary Kim to wait for him and he goes to take a quick look at Eun Sul. He is hiding while listening to Mu Won and Eun Sul talking. Mu Won notices he is hiding. When he wants to leave, Mu Won asks Eun Sul to forget about Ji Hun, and Eun Sul says she has forgotten him. Later when Eun Sul is hurt, Ji Hun wants to help but goes back into hiding when Eun Sul says she will beat him if he turns up.

When Ji Hun returns to the car, Kim has left to back to Seoul in order to give Ji Hun a chance to be together with Eun Sul again, as he feels Ji Hun is very frustrated and pitiful. He refuses to turn around when asked by Ji Hun who called using borrowed phone, and switches off his phone.

Before Chairman Cha is about to do a medical check, he gets worried as secretary Jang cannot reach Ji Hun’s phone.

Ji Hun backs to Eun Sul’s working place and they meets up, but Eun Sul does not happy to see him. When lunch, not Eun Sul but a co-worker invites Ji Hun to eat together.

Ji Hun follows Eun Sul backs home. Eun Sul is extremely cool towards Ji Hun and this upsets Ji Hun. He is not happy that Eun Sul is good to Mu Won. When sleeping, initially Eun Sul sleeps facing away from him. Ji Hun covers her with jacket. Eun Sul turns around and covers the jacket on Ji Hun, who takes it to cover Eun Sul, back and forth. They ends up sleeping facing each other.

The next morning, Eun Sul who needs to go to Seoul drives Ji Hun along. Reaching Seoul, Eun Sul asks him to alight. Ji Hun says he regretted right away after he said the words to halt their relationship, and asks if how Eun Sul feels. Eun Sul says she is OK with it. So Ji Hun gets down from truck. Eun Sul watches Ji Hun walks away, mutters she is not OK, put your head on the steering wheel, and accidentally presses the honk. Ji Hun turns around and smiles.

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