Protect the Boss Episode 17 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis and plot recap summary for episode 17 of Protect the Boss Korean drama:

Eun Sul accidentally horned. After hearing the horn, Ji Hun turns around and makes a step forward towards Eun Sul. Eun Sul who saw Ji Hun closing by feels embarrassed and does not know what to do. She put into reverse gear, and wants to leave. Suddenly Ji Hun opens the car door. Eun Sul heartlessly tells him not to play trick and go away. But Ji Hun tells Eun Sul he hopes to they be frank to each other that they love each other although Eun Sul is unhappy that he is hesitated on their relationship. And he stresses that he will not leave from the side of Eun Sul anymore.

Ji Hun is helping Eun Sul to move boxes and is proud of been the only chaebol who does stuff like this. Ji Hun promises her to transfer her soon. Secretary Jang calls Eun Sul after knowing from secretary Kim that Ji Hun with her. Ji Hun is unhappy, asking if he is a stalker. Jang tells to Eun Sul that Chairman Cha is putting up another show. Eun Sul wants Ji Hun to go hospital while she goes to find her friends. Ji Hun wants to meet up at the place again after 3 hours. Eun Sul walks off without promising.

Myung Ran is so happy to see Eun Sul and they hug together. They go to find Na Yoon, and all screams about how much they miss each other.

Muwon is asking from Yang for a position to transfer Eun Sul to, but upon remembering Ji Hun will be taking action too, he says sorry to Yang for the extra work and decides to leave it to Ji Hun without interfering with their problem anymore.

Muwon’s mother is rejecting offer of money from Nayun’s mother, and asks her not to dream of implementing her husband plan for the company. Na Yun’s mother reminds her that she is the main contributor for her to be able to sit in the position, but Mu Won’s mother said nobody asks her to do that, and is rebuffed with nothing is free in this world. Mu Won enters and is told not to meet Na Yun anymore. Mu Won says he doesn’t like Na Yun either.

Mu Won’s mother tells Mu Won that she is preparing her confidants in position to grab the power in the company. Mu Won says she can do whatever she likes if she wants to become like Chairman Cha, and then the position will be empty again.

Ji Hun meets up with secretary Jang while his dad is watching the movie about bucket list and writing his own bucket list. Ji Hun gets to know from secretary Jang that Chairman Cha is going to have biopsy. The doctor says there is no need to be surprised and it’s not cancer. They need the test to determine the exact illness. Jang said Chairman Cha is worried that if the news leaks to public will weaken the position of Ji Hun, though Jang believes nobody will believe such a news.

Ji Hun goes to the Chairman Cha ward, and sees a bucket list of wishes written by Chairman Cha on the bed. After reading the content, he has no alternative but to laugh. Chairman Cha asks him to work hard to reclaim his lost position, and does not meet Eun Sul again as she who is rumored to be the leak will weaken Ji Hun who has plenty of enemy waiting to oust him. Ji Hun can feel that kind intention of his father, and is not too happy his misunderstanding on Eun Sul. He promises to work hard to raise profit and regain the seat, but will not let go of Eun Sul.

Na Yun is regretting that she does not love Mu Won sooner, instead went to fall in love with Ji Hun.

Eun Sul goes back to the dating place. Ji Hun is not there but feels her pride is hurt. After more than three hours, Eun Sul about to leave and Ji Hun turns up. Eun Sul is relieved though she still argue with Ji Hun for been late, and eventually allow Ji Hun to hug her.

Ji Hun backs to see his dad, and Eun Sul drives back alone.

Eun Sul is getting frustrated of keep waiting for appearance and call from Ji Hun for eleven days. And she imagines punching Ji Hun. But later she worries that something may have happened to Ji Hun. At this time, Ji Hun appears on TV and gives a good presentation for tablet.

Eun Sul decides to quit and apologizes to co-worker for not working for a long time. After quiting, she is riding on a scooter to deliver food. She has been waiting for Ji Hun for 3 months, and is the seventh month after deciding to wait for him, she will go for interview again.

Mu Won receives a call from Na Yun to meet up, and Mu Won is late for one hour. Na Yun is sad as Mu Won does not have feeling towards her.

Park is complaining to Na Yun’s mother that he might get kicked out and that he has to send money to wife overseas. Na Yun’s mother ignores him. Na Yun’s mother then asks Na Yun to go on blind date, and Na Yun agrees.

Na Yun asks Eun Sul if she will end up with Mu Won. Eun Sul says no but consoles her that Ji Hun does not contact her either, although she still cannot forget him.

Eun Sul meets with a woman who scouted her, and the woman explains that she heard Eun Sun was Ji Hun secretary and was able to hang in there when he is so difficult to serve. The woman later tells Eun Sul got a job offer at DN department store. Eun Sul asks if Mu Won asks the woman to do this, and she says no.

Eun Sul goes to report on her new job, and meets with Ji Hun instead. Eun Sul wants to hit him for making her waiting for so long. Ji Hun tries to explain why it takes so long but Eun Sul says he looks like playing and she waited for far too long so he is no longer in her head.

The doctor tells Chairman Cha about his condition. Chairman Cha asks Jang if it’s possible to cancel community service since he is cancer patient who is as good as dying, and gets a no as answer. Grandmother asks if it’s OK, Chairman Cha says he is and carries her on his back.

Mu Won goes to Ji Hun’s office, and Ji Hun asks him how to make a person stops being angry. Mu Won says he won’t teach him.

Mu Won gets to know that Na Yun is going for a blind date and rushes to the place. Midway through the blind date, Na Yun wants to leave, but the guy on the blind date holds her hand so she threatens him with a knife. She then hides behind Mu Won. Mu Won explains that he never been to any blind date, and although he is busy with work, he keeps meeting Na Yun. Na Yun promises she won’t go on blind date again.

Ji Hun turns up at Eun Sul’s working place, and pays the wage of Eun Sul for the rest of the day. Eun Sul’s boss asks Eun Sul to follow Ji Hun. Ji Hun asks Eun Sul to quit and be his secretary again. Ji Hun offers a lot of incentives to tempt her, but Eun Sul walks away. He does this again and again with better incentives, but Eun Sul keeps walked away.

Ji Hun is telling Chairman Cha that he is going to hire Eun Sul as his secretary again. Chairman Cha agrees but just as secretary and no further relationship, and that Ji Hun must wins Mu Won and return him to position of Chairman. Meanwhile, Eun Sul also agrees to be Ji Hun’s secretary as she has to live and eat. Even though she doesn’t know when she will stop being angry, but she won’t show the temper during working hours.

In the office, everybody wants to know what happened. In his room, Ji Hun tells Eun Sul he couldn’t sleep knowing that she is working with him again. Ji Hun gives Eun Sul a lot of works to do. Myung Ran helps her, and feels that both of them is putting up a show.

Eun Sul falls asleep due to tiredness. Ji Hun wakes her up and scolds her for mistake.

Mu Won’s mother hears that grandmother wants to pick Ji Hun as chairman, and wondering if grandmother wants her to step down. A director is suggesting to her a way to push back Ji Hun for good so that he has no chance on the chairman position.

Mu Won reads the news about Ji Hun and Eun Sul who is the leak, and asks Yang to inform Eun Sul to avoid possible appearance of reporters. Reporters indeed turn up and bombarding them with questions whether Eun Sul is really the culprit who leaked the file and caused everything that happened to Ji Hun and Chairman Cha, and if Ji Hun is dating with person who leaked the files. Eun Sul denies but Eun Sul says yes, and that it’s cool and that’s why he falls in love with her, and he falls in love with her at first sight. Eun Sul is stunned.

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