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Protect the Boss Episode 18 (Final) Synopsis Summary (with Preview Video)

Synopsis and plot recap summary for episode 18, which is also the final episode of Protect the Boss Korean drama:

Ji Hun who confessed openly in front of reporters that he falls in love with Eun Sul in first sight, then takes and holds Eun Sul’s hand to come out of the company. Mu Won laughs when he read it on the news, while Na Yun’s mother and Mu Won’s mother shock in disbelief.

Ji Hun and Eun Sul go to the nearby park, and finally have a moment that belong to just both of them. Eun Sul tells him she knows who is the leaker and she will tell the truth, but stresses that the leaker is not bad. Ji Hun tells him he will always date her, but secretly.

Chairman Cha is doing community service. When young students pass by him, he remembers about Eun Sul. Then, secretary Jang runs in to tell him the news.

Mu Won is trying to control the situation and handle the Ji Hun’s scandal. He confronts his mother if she is the one doing it, as people would suspect she is the one, but she denies.

Regarding the scandal incident of Ji Hun, Shin Sook Hee, Cha Mu Won and board members hold an emergency meeting, Chairman Cha who heard the news also rushes to attend. After entering the room, he asks who caused the scandal. They gather in chairman’s office when suddenly grandmother calls. Grandmother says it’s Shin Suk Hui who did it and fires her, although Sook Hui keeps denied.

Mu Won sends a video MMS of the news to Ji Hun, and warns him Chairman Cha will call him soon. Indeed Chairman Cha calls and wants him to come over to his house now with Eun Sul.

Mu Won’s mother confronts Na Yun’s mother if she purposely did the thing and pushed the blame to her so that she is in trouble with grandmother. Na Yun’s mother denies and they start to fight. Na Yun tries futilely to stop them, and calls Mu Won for help.

Mu Won’s mother cries in Mu Won’s car, but Mu Won asks him to go home first as he has to go to another girl who is crying beside her mother. Mu Won later goes to console Na Yun.

Ji Hun and Eun Sul are meeting with Chairman Cha and grandmother. Chairman Cha is furious that Ji Hun does not follow his order to do well in work and not together with Eun Sul. But Ji Hun is determined to together with Eun Sul. Eul Sul promises to do well and asks for permission for love Ji Hun, and that shocks grandmother and Chairman Cha. Chairman Cha tries to hit Jihun but is blocked by Eun Sul, then asks him to leave angrily which happily obliged by Ji Hun who also drags Eunsul away.

Outside, Eun Sul protests to Ji Hun that he should not leave like this. Ji Hun says it’s no point to date secretly now and they can openly date.

Inside, grandmother says she knows what Chairman Cha is up to, that he does that to make Ji Hun and Eun Sul together. He does not admit nor deny, but smiles.

Ji Hun and Eun Sul backs to Eun Sul’s house, trying to figure where Ji Hun supposed to overnight and Myung Ran volunteers to sleep at Na Yun’s house.

Myung Ran moves over to Na Yun’s apartment, texting secretary Kim. Na Yun is calling Mu Won and tells him he can sing for her if he can’t sleep. He sings over the phone but suddenly stop when he sees a news on Eun Sul’s past when she is professional hooligan.

Eun Sul and Ji Hun is reading the article too. They jokes about Eun Sul’s past of been hooligan.

The next morning, Ji Hun and Eun Sul wear sunglasses to try to sneak into office quietly. Eun Sul is receiving the stare from other secretaries, who all of them claims they’re not the one who exposed her.

Ji Hun is meeting with the board, and he protects Eun Sul, says even if she is the leaker, the wrong is with the board. When coming out, Ji Hun and Mu Won have a chat, where they both say they’re tired, but one is busy another is not busy.

Na Yun goes to find Eun Sul to console her.

Later, Mu Won and Na Yun, and Ji Hun and Eun Sul ride on the bikes to go out for dating and food.

Reporters surround Na Yun’s and Mu Won’s mother, asking if they’re involved in behind. Na Yun’s mother cries on been exposed, and Mu Won’s mother is not pleased with her, blaming all her fault.

Meanwhile, director Park is grinning on the newspaper article about Na Yun’s and Mu Won’s mother, remembering that he said he wouldn’t let them go easily. He asks Chairman Cha for forgiveness as he has exposed the real culprit. Chairman Cha does not answer.

Eun Sul appears next to Chairman Cha, and says sorry then asks for permission. Chairman Cha says permission will be given once Ji Hun is back on his position, and then the his most hate person is her father, the second is her. Eun Sul does not give up, and keeps showing at every community service to beg him.

One day, when Eun Sul is helping Chairman Cha to scrape the dirt off floor, they bumps into Mu Won’s mother and Na Yun’s mother who are also doing social work. Chairman Cha is happy they have to do community service too. When asked why he is with Eun Sul, he says she is a sticky gum, he can’t chased her away.

Meanwhile, Ji Hun is also begging Eun Sul’s father to accept him. Eun Sul comes in and kneels. She wants to fight with father, and if she wins, he has to accept Ji Hun.

Grandmother goes to see Mu Won, but Mu Won says he has to answer to a girl. Grandmother complains that both of them has been seduced by women.

Mu Won goes to Na Yun’s house, and surprises her with his good cooking skill. Na Yun is impressed. During the candlelight dinner, Mu Won reveals his feeling to Na Yun. He says his work is not easy, and he may get squeezed or kicked out, and asks if she is willing to follow him like this. Na Yun asks if it’s a proposal. Muwon says kind of, but says he can’t get married yet as Na Yun still like a kid and needs to grow up.

Ji Hun pleads with his father so that he will agree with his relationship with Eun Sul. He does everything in order to please his dad. Eventually, Chairman Cha agrees. They hug.

Chairman Cha appears on national TV, announcing that he has reflected on himself and he won’t appoint his son as successor to show to citizen that he has changed. Watching the interview, Ji Hun complains that his dad is using him again.

Ji Hun goes to meet Eun Sul. They go to a high class restaurant for fine dining. Eun Sul guesses that Ji Hun is going to propose, and that makes Ji Hun upset. Eun Sul apologizes. Ji Hun says he wants to propose with a traditional method but yet nobody uses it before, and reminds Eun Sul to drink her tea. Upon finished the tea, Eun Sul sees a “I love you, Eunsul” message on the teacup, and then she opens a fortune cookie to see the same message again. Later, Ji Hun takes up a Dooly doll, which says “I love you, Nol Eun Seol.” He even sings a love song for her to express his love.

After finishing singing, Ji Hun walks to Eun Sul and propose to her with a diamond ring. They kiss and hug.

Ji Hun and Eun Sul is getting married. Upon seeing Eun Sul in bridal gown, Ji Hun is amused as she is pretty. Right before the wedding, Eun Sul discovers that Na Yun has left the wedding rings at home after checking the bag grabbed back from thief.

During the wedding ceremony, Chairman Cha sits besides Eun Sul’s father, who are still at odd.

Secretary Jang is going on a blind date arranged by Chairman Cha, which is one of his bucket list.

Parks open a restaurant, and is making waffles and selling pork pies.

Meanwhile, Myung Ran and secretary Kim are in the car, where Myung Ran is crying for Eun Sul. Kim laughs and she hits him.

Mu Won’s mother tells Na Yun’s mother that Eun Sul is pretty. Na Yun’s mother reminds her to strengthen the position of Mu Won, but is warned that she will get into trouble with Muwon.

Grandmother is sitting in the cafe and listening to the tablet.

After exchanging wedding ring, Eun Sul turns to look at Mu Won and Na Yun. They smiles to each other happily.

Years later, Ji Hun is wearing a spectacle, and is been interviewed. Eun Sul is watching the interview on tablet. Ji Hun comments that he has invested in various property, and is now national papaboy. When Na Yun and Mu Won is also watching the interview, Na Yun says that she has grew a lot, but Mu Won says she needs to grow a little bit more.

Eun Sul and Ji Hun walk in the rain with an umbrella in the park. They stop, lean towards each other and kiss.

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