Protect the Boss Episode 2 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis and plot recap summary for Korean drama Protect the Boss episode 2:

After Eun Sul and Ji Hun meets in the office, Ji Hun looks at Eun Sul, and then looks at her resume, and thinks that she is a woman who treats the job as a parachute. The Mu Won comes out from office, but Ji Hun interprets Mu Won’s explanation as that the secretary is either a parachute or a commercial spy for Mu Won, dumbfounding Mu Won. Eun Sul at the side declares her determination to work seriously, but Ji Hun again and again prick in her words, and even asks her to leave the office. But Eun Sul vows to herself and Myung Ran to change the her ambition from find a job, to keep this job and not been fired.

So Eun Sul once again appears at Ji Hun’ office, despite Ji Hun goes straight out of door, she insists. Eventually Ji Hun is touched by her dedication, calls her into office, and tells her a lot of things to pay attention to, including must pick up Ji Hun’s phone. Subsequently, what awaits Eun Sul is endless work and one after another phone call from Ji Hun. She falls down several times due to too many things hold on hand, but Ji Hun still pricks on the food bought, and shoots the carrot and garlic to Eun Sul’s face. The tiring Eun Sul goes to hot spring with Myung Ran, Ji Hun calls again, Eun Sul accidentally drops the phone into the hot spring, and she is scolded by Ji Hun for this.

Inside the company meeting, talking about the problem of staff working on time, but the source of the problem Ji Hun is absent-minded and draws graffiti on the paper. Chairman Car is unbearable and scolds his son. Ji Hun meets with Mu Won again outside of meeting room. Mu Won smiles and asks how is Eun Sul, Ji Hun answers with “hatred is easy to knot but not easy to solve.”

Eun Sul is comforting herself at home, but receives call from Chairman Cha. At the same time Chairman Cha is having conversation with Mu Won, and they mention about Mu Won’s father in the middle of conversation. Mu Won impression is ugly when leaving. After Eun Sul arrives, Chairman Cha first criticizes her, “You cannot even control your boss?” He hands her a job, that is to go to Ji Hun house to wake him up at 9am every morning, or else will get fired. Eun Sul asks for some time, because she understands Ji Hun’s temper. Chairman Cha sees that she is an experienced person, and shows her the love that completely opposite than previously.

Eun Sul comes to Ji Hun’s large house, tries to wake him up, but accidentally see the underwear of Ji Hun, and at the same time awakened Ji Hun. Ji Hun is panic and angry. Eun Sul walks around the house, but see a cardboard of her image, and the high heel shoe she dropped that day. When seeing Ji Hun fiercely throws a dart towards the cardboard, and says must catch the person, unforgivable, Eun Sul feels chilled. More troublesome is that Ji Hun orders her to catch the person, saying that once Eun Sul can catch the person, she will be full time employee.

It’s already afternoon when the two arrives at the company. Chairman Cha furious again after finds them, scolds his son inside the elevator. Eun Sul cannot stand anymore and blocks between two person, and accidentally hit by Chairman Cha. Chairman Cha feels sorry and gives her money for medical expenses. Back to work, Eun Sul is criticized by other secretaries as she does not wash the cup in time. Ji Hun scolds those secretaries, lets Eun Sul into his office, and gives her a medicine to rub. When helping Eun Sul to apply the medicine, the distance between them has become almost too close.

The ex-secretary of Ji Hun calls him, asks him to write a letter of recommendation, and says that he manage to get hold of resume of that person. Ji Hun is very happy, but Eun Sul is panic. She leaves the office with excuse to go toilet and steal the resume, threatens Ji Hun’s former secretary not to say out. Later Eun Sul and Ji Hun go to inspect a subsidiary. Ji Hun says he is thirsty, Eun Sul leaves. Ji Hun suddenly feels dizzy and weak seeing the crowds coming his way, kneels on the ground. Eun Sul is shocked when back, she wants to call people but is stopped by Ji Hun, then Ji Hun dizzily put his head on Eun Sul’s shoulder. When Ji Hun conscious again, recalls his action and feels annoyed.

After returning home, Eun Sul starts to find the possible disease for Ji Hun’s symptom, and even secretly look at Ji Hun’s drug. When she passes Ji Hun the 1 million voucher order to exchange, Ji Hun furiously says that he asks to exchange for new note and not voucher (note: the two Korean words sound similar). Worried Eun Sul walks out but meets Mu Won. Mu Won accompanies her to sit outside and drink coffee to relax. Eun Sul appreciates Mu Won’s help, and asks him if he knows Ji Sun has what disease. Mu Won says he has no knowledge, but gives Eun Sul encouragement. After than Mu Won’s secretary tells him it’s a mental illness called panic disorder.

The consortium founding commemoration ceremony is fast approaching, Mu Won recommends Ji Hun to make the memorial speech in the meeting, but Ji Hun does not want. Chairman Cha angrily tells him that he just need to read the words according to commemoration script, and does not make any trouble. Eun Sul overhears him practice the speech in his home, but is noticed, and almost been driven out. But under guidance of Eun Sul, Ji Hun slowly can cope. The day of speech arrived. Standing on the stage, Ji Hun feels nervous again, talk becomes stammered. Not even saying a few words, suddenly there is a woman appears at the door, Ji Hun stunned after seeing her, threw the manuscript to Eun Sul and ran away like an escape flight.

After the meeting, Mu Won dines with the woman appeared at the door. The woman says she wants to find a way to get back to the side of Ji Hun, Moo Won keeps silent. Eun Sul replaces Ji Hun to complete the speech, goes to Ji Hun’s house to console him and plays games with him, but is caught by Chairman Cha that comes soon after to take punitive action. Chairman Cha angrily asks why Ji Hun fled. Ji Hun does not answer, and Chairman Cha chases him out of the house angrily. Eun Seol follows Ji Heon, Ji Hun tells her angrily not to follow again, but when she about to leave, Ji Hun grabs her, saying he does not have money. Ji Hun does not want to take bus and subway, and saving of Eun Sul is not much, so Eun Sul brings Ji Hun back to her house. Unexpectedly, Ji Hun sees the high heel shoe she put below the bed.

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