Protect the Boss Episode 3 Synopsis Summary (with Preview Trailer)

Synopsis and plot recap summary for Korean drama Protect the Boss episode 3:

Ji Hun finally knows the identity of Eun Sul from the evident of the crime – high heel shoe of Eun Sul. He is furious, grabs collar of Eun Sul, asking if she has a purpose to close to him from the beginning. Then Myung Ran comes back, she picks up Ji Hun annd beat him. Ji Hun who hurts everywhere walks out of the Eun Sul’s house door, but he cannot walks in the night, and finally has to spend a night at Eun Sul’ house. Mu Won knows that Ji Hun stays overnight at Eun Sul’s place, and ridicules him.

At the same time, the ex-lover of Ji Hun, Seo Na Yun, returns to Korea, and becomes a co-worker of Mu Won. She still keeps remembering the days she in love with Ji Hun in the past.

Protect the Boss Ep. 3 Preview Trailer

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