Protect the Boss Episode 6 Synopsis Summary (with Preview Trailer)

Synopsis and plot recap summary for episode 6 of Protect the Boss Korean drama:

Na Yun pushes away Mu Won, says the same mistake won’t happened for the second time, and she still looking for Ji Hun, but if it’s tiring, she would like to rely on Mu Won. Ji Hun kisses Eun Sul, Eun Sul moves her fist wants to hit people, Ji Hun immediately kneels down and begs for forgiveness! But still not shamefully says his heartbeat is abnormal, wants Eun Sul to check it out.

Grandmother sees Ji Hun steals her favorite car to let Eun Sul drives, and guesses that Ji Hun loves Eun Sul. Grandmother warns Ji Hun that the feeling does not fly, but Ji Hun firmly says he will work hard, wants to live together with Eun Sul forever.

Mu Won returns to company and finds that Eun Sul is there too, so they have supper together. Ji Hun remembers he cried alone among the crowd when young, felt the panic when there is crowd, but when he looks at the cardboard of Eun Sul, he feels relaxed a lot. So he calls Eun Sul, unexpectedly he hears the voice of Mu Won from the phone. Ji Hun cannot sleep overnight after knowing Mu Won and Eun Sul is eating together, leading to doze off during the second day meeting. Mu Won prepares a report based on information provided by secretary, successfully predict the content of Ji Hun’s report, so Ji Hu can only embarrassedly says that “My content is the same with the content presented by Cha department head just now” in the meeting.

Na Yun tells her mother that she has settled Mu Won and herself, she still love Ji Hun. But when she goes to find Ji Hun, Ji Hun tells her that he decides to together with Eun Sul. Na Yun and Eun Sul meets at the roof, Na Yun wants to show her newly learned self-protection skill but is subdued by Eun Sul.
Mother of Mu Won wants to make public the photos of Ji Hun hitting people, Na Yun initially wants to stop this, but she reverses her decision after been denied by Ji Hun. Mu Won also knows about this, and feels that should be let Eun Sul affected by the case, so he wants to transfer Eun Sul to another position. Eun Sul says want to try her best to do, but is not absolutely refuse. Finally violent photos of Ji Hun is found by Chairman Cha before made public, so he negotiates with Mu Won’s mother.

Mu Won and her mother eventually have an argument. Mu Won tells his mother that Eun Sul and gang has managed to find the man of harassment in the photo, proofing that Ji Hun is not wrong, so if she insists on publish the photos on newspaper, she will be embarrassed. Na Yun’s mother, Mu Won’s mother, and Ji Hun’s grandmother one by one find Eun Sul to talk. Eun Sul meets with Mu Won, wants to clarify the misunderstanding, but instead hear him says that, he hopes to be a real man in front of Eun Sul.

Protect the Boss Ep. 6 Preview Trailer

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