Protect the Boss Episode 7 Synopsis Summary (with Preview Trailer)

Synopsis and plot recap summary for episode 7 of Protect the Boss Korean drama:

Mu Won says to Eun Sul: “You say I am Mu Won God? I don’t like, downgrade me please, downgrade as normal people. In future I want to near to Eun Sul with the identify of man.” Eun Sul who receives the confession of Wu Mon is panic, while she is hesitated and thinking, she suddenly remembers the moment Ji Hun confessed to her. She tells Mu Won that it’s not a question of simple “yes” or “no”, she needs time to think about it. Eul Sul is dazed and puzzled at why she can think of Ji Hun at this moment, suddenly notices the Ji Hun who is staring at her outside of the window. Ji Hun seeing their conversation, manages to guess what they talked about. Ji Hun is furious and wants to face Mu Won separately to ask him to let go of Eun Sul. Both of them who put aside Eun Sul and engages in mental war of nerve but finally get into brawl, rolling, tossing and turning in the restaurant.

The Ji Hun inherits his father style to like violent , after kicking Mu Won, he ridicules that Mu Won won’t touch him because he mind of other’s opinions. But soon Mu Won hits him in the face.

Chairman Cha kicks both of them in the elevator, but politely asks Mu Won not to tell his mother about the incident of kicking his butt. He asks what’s the reason for the fight. Ji Hun and Mu Won cheats that they fight because of work. But Chairman Cha is convinced that they fought because of a woman – Na Yun. In elevator, Na Yoon asks Ji Hun and Mu Won if they’re fighting for her. They denies. Na Yun is expecting the answer, and warns Eun Sul to be careful instead. When Ji Hun and Mu Won asks why Na Yoon warns Eun Sul, she asks them to keep quiet.

To handle the media, Chairman Cha and Mu Won’s mother, Ji Hun and Mu Won are posing closely in various venues. At Ji Hun’s house grandmother says since they can act closely in front of media, she attempts to defuse the tension by asking them for dinner gather once every week, and if they refuses, twice a week, any objection will be thrice a week. She wants them to live closely like previously. Mu Won tells Ji Hun about how they played together when young, but Ji Hun says it’s a thing of past.

After eating, Mu Won and Ji Hun go to Ji Hun bedroom, and talk childishly. Mu Won says, “Don’t you think it’s interesting? That we both likes Eun Sul?” Ji Heon says, “Not interesting at all!” For which Mu Won replies, “I feel it’s interesting! I intend to interestingly winning you, grab Eun Sul and also the management rights!” And they fight again, this round with pillow. Mu Won’s mother asks, “My God, what you both doing?” Ji Hun’s father says: “Kid in fighting is like that!” Mu Won’s mother says: “Not kid already! Only your son is kid! Mu Won let’s go home!”

Under the reminding of grandmother, Mu Won’s mother, and Na Yun’s mother, the suddenly awaken Chairman Cha finally notices that the reason that causes the brother to fight is not Na Yun, but Eun Sul. Chairman Cha asks Eun Sul, “How to you seduce Mu Won? Mu Won is unlike Ji Hun, he is normal! I know he is a rational boy, but he is also been attracted by you, don’t you say you’re not seducing him?” Eun Sul says she really didn’t attempt to seduce him. Chairman Cha says he will relegate Eun Sul to subsidiary as soon as possible, Eun Sul is sad, says hope to delay for a period of time, as she has things she hasn’t finished.

Eun Sul brings Ji Hun to climb mountain, encourages him to speak in front of crowd. Ji Hun reveals in front of the crowd that he likes Eun Sul, deeply moves Eun Sul.

The next day morning, Hu Won changes his clothes. He is to attend a date with Eun Sul. Eun Sul agreed to the date in order to settle everything.

Ji Hun sits in Chairman Cha’s car to the work, asks his father if he had said anything to Eun Sul. Chairman Cha is angry, says will fire Eun Sul. Ji Hun is furious and steps down of the car, forgetting his handphone and bag. Eun Sul is asked to find Ji Hun. Mu Won drops his handphone in the car, so he doesn’t receive the call and wait in vain.

The panic Ji Hun walks until the road of Eun Sul used to go home, remembering the first time he went to Eun Sul’s house at the same road, and loudly saying the name of Eun Sul. At the time, Eun Sul asks why keep calling her name? Suddenly, Eun Sul appears at the back of Ji Hun. He turns and they looks at each other.

Protect the Boss Episode 7 Preview Trailer

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