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Protect the Boss Episode 8 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis and plot recap summary for episode 8 of Protect the Boss Korean drama:

Na Yun calls Mu Won who is waiting for Eun Sul, saying she is dining alone, but Mu Won rejects her.

Ji Hun is losing direction, and keeps calling out for Eun Sul. Eun Sul finally appears. Ji Hun is touched and Eun Sul feels sorry, about to cry. Eun Sul is relieved at having found Jihun but that relief is momentary as her worrying has turned into anger, and scolds Ji Hun, because his father asks her not to stay beside Ji Hun due to Ji Hun’s feeling towards her, as she is deemed not qualified. Ji Hun says: “I become like this today because I worry about Eun Sul.” Eun Sul who is tired and fatigue is excited, tells Ji Hun that she won’t work for long: “You say you like me? Say wants to let me be your side forever? You want me to follow your back forever to settle the mess for you? I am not a great people, I just want a stable job. You don’t always rely on me, I am tired and I also want to rely on people. Not only is you feel pain, everybody lives like that. Please, lives a good life!”

Eun Sul leaves to attend the date with Mu Won who is always waiting in the restaurant after scolding to provoke Jihun not to rely on her anymore. She wants Ji Hun not to follow her, and boards a bus. Jihun follows Eunsul to go up the bus, says he won’t be the burden of Eun Sul, as long as she is not leaving him. Because of panic disorder, Ji Hun snuggle to Eun Sul, for onece let him holding her.

On the other hand, Mu Won has waited for a while for Eun Sul. Muwon proffers to Eunsul the bracelet which is a keepsake from his father. Muwon kneels down to propose to Eunsul to accept him. Eun Sul rejects him. He who already knows that Eunsul will decline. He asks if he is rejected alone, or together with Ji Hun. Eun Sul says both, and Mu Won feels better. Mu Won wants Eun Sul to let them begin again, on equal footing. Eun Sul is surprised.

Ji Hun meets Na Yun and borrows 2000 won from her. Then he brings her to spy on the date of Mu Won and Eun Sul. They see how Mu Won is tending to the injury on Eun Sul’s ankle. They were noticed by Mu Won. Mu Won wants to send Eun Sul home, but is stopped by Ji Hun. In the end, Na Yun sends Eun Sul home.

Mu Won and Ji Hun goes to a pub where Mu Won and Eun Sul been before to drink, and to show off to Ji Hun thing Mu Won shares with Eun Sul. Na Yun and Eun Sul also go to drink. Na Yun wants to scold Eul Sul, but Eun Sul thanks her for teaching her the evil of loving two guys with her own experience. Mu Won asks Ji Hun if he knows his relationship with Na-yun. Ji Hun initially only guess about “the relationship of hormonal collision”, but is now certain of it. Mu Won says he is truthful to Na Yun at that time, so he doesn’t feel sorry.

They drink until everybody is drunk except Eun Sul. The drunken Ji Hun hugs Mu Won like a baby. Eun Sul carries Na Yun to a side, then back to carry Ji Hun together with a hotel people who carry Mu Won to the side. Eun Sul calls Chairman Cha about the “emergency” incident, Chairman Cha calls Mu Won’s mother, while Mu Won’s mother calls Na Yun’s mother. They arrives one by one to fetch their son and daughter, at the same time scold Eun Sul. Before boarding the car, Ji Hun keeps saying the name of Eun Sul, Chairman Cha is angry about it.

On the way home, meets with gangsters. Eun Sul defeats them and asks Myung Ran to fetch her. The next morning, she feels something bad will happen when wakes up.

Ji Hun goes to find Chairman Cha to ask him how is Eun Sul. Chairman Cha blames him keep calling Eun Sul, making him to dream about Eun Sul whole night too. Ji Hun says he doesn’t want the rights to operate the company, just let him be majority shareholder. Ji Hun says: “Is my happiness not important?” Chairman Cha asks Ji Hun why he loves Eun Sul, who explains that because she understands and doesn’t hate him. Ji Hun runs when Chairman Cha wants to hit him. Chairman Cha runs into grandmother, and is scolded by her.

Mu Won’s mother and Na Yun’s mother finds Eun Sul to talk. Eun Sul asks them if they finished threatened her, as she also doesn’t want it to be like this, but if they continue, she will go seduce both. Ji Hun calls at this time. Mu Won’s mother instantly scolds after picking up the phone, but it’s a call from Chairman Cha using Ji Hun’s phone.

The meeting of the three is saw by grandmother, who in turn says a lesson to both mothers. She brings away Eun Sul for tea, says want to thank Eun Sul, for giving both kids the thing she never gives. She asks Eun Sul to hold his stand, and she will convince Chairman Cha. Eun Sul asks if she must choose between Ji Hun and Mu Won. Grandmother says she may do so or she may not do so. Eun Sul says the rumor is that grandmother prefer Ji Hun more, which leads to suggestion that Eun Sul’s heart already has an ideal choice of people. Eun Sul says it’s the case of 51% to 49%. Grandmother says that the leftover child is pity.

Mu Won’s mother, Na Yun’s mother and Chairman Cha is having meeting. Chairman Cha is angry with intention of Mu Won’s mother to kick out Ji Hun, and Mu Won’s mother does not want Mu Won to be eaten by Na Yun’s mother too.

Na Yun tells Mu Won about the event of meeting of the three to find a solution. Meanwhile, Ji Hun is getting hardworking to change himself in order not to be burden of Eun Sul. He starts to communicate, sing, speak in front of crowd to overcome his panic disorder. Ji Hun sends a video of him practicing alone, says he is hardworking, asks Eun Sul not to leave. Eun Sul cries after seeing the video. He then calls Eun Sul who says she is in the company. He says will drive to fetch her.

Chairman Cha meets Eun Sul in the elevator. He says they can be closer, she is a nice secretary, but in relationship with Ji Hun is a no no. He also says that he will transfer Eun Sul and obey the agreement with pay rise. Then he asks what is the secret between Eun Sul and Ji Hun, but Eun Sul refuses to tell unless Ji Hun says himself. This make Chairman Cha furious.
Mu Won’s mother and Na Yun’s mother is having tea together. Mu Won finds his mother, asking her not to find Eun Sul anymore, else he will be disappointed with his mother. Na Yun is doing the same. Both mothers is angry. After opposing her mother, Na Yun is nowhere to go. She turns to Mu Won, who initially refuses to go out with her. After saying she only has Mu Won and Ji Hun as friend, they go out together.

Chairman Cha and Eul Sul bumps into Ji Hun once out of the company. Chairman Cha shouts to Eun Sul: “I say don’t be together, can’t you?” Eun Sul denies, but Ji Hun ignores furious Chairman Cha, straight away drives Eun Sul away.

Chairman Cha who is volunteering in hospital starts to realize if Ji Hun has any sickness, asks his secretary to check if Ji Hun visited any hospital lately.

Ji Hun begs Eun Sul to continue be his secretary. Eun Sul asks him to stop, “I’m getting crazy. Please stop talking. You’re a man. Always express to other. My mind always emerge the words that you have said.” Ji Hun is surprised and happy. Eun Sul is confused, says she is sure that her mind has let Ji Hun in, but she is not sure her feeling to Ji Hun is caring or love.

Ji Hun says just make it certain, and kiss Eun Sul.

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