Protect the Boss Episode 9 Synopsis Summary (with Preview Video)

Synopsis and plot recap summary for episode 9 of Protect the Boss Korean drama:

Eun Sul says Ji Hun is also in her mind. But she is confused, it’s because of he is a man or because of he is like her kid. Ji Hun says why not just make it certain? And they kiss.

After Jihun and Eunsul kissed unskillfully and nervously for lack of experience. After kissing, they feel awkward when they meet each other’s eyes. Ji Hun breaks the silence carefully and tries to confirm Eunsul’s heart towards him. He says, “Is a man right? We can try again until you know”. But Eun Sul still cannot gives him an definite answer which she still cannot be sure of. Ji Hun asks Eun Sul to count her heartbeat, but Eun Sul says heartbeat is too fast and she don’t know what to do. Ji Hun says it’s enough for today, and he will use all his patient to wait for Eun Sul, but Ji Hun is still very happy like a kid who has gotten love. He kisses Eun Sul goodnight, hopeing Eun Sul likes him more than the employee card.

Ji Hun goes home, sings in the car. When stepping down of car, he shakes hand with bodyguard, not afraid of dirtying his hand. Grandmother brings Chairman Cha and Mu Won’s mother for dinner. Chairman Cha and Mu Won’s mother is discontented with each other. After grandmother leaves, Chairman Cha says Suk Hee face has thinned. But Mu Won’s mother still has hostility, while Chairman Cha attempts to find common words.

Ji Hun backs to home, and he talks good everywhere. Chairman Cha suspects Ji Hun and Eun Sul has something on. Sukhee who has a hunch that something has happened between Jihun and Eunsul, and Muwon has lost. She rejoices and also scolds Eun Sul has no foresight.

Na Yoon is worried that her mother will play dirty with Mu Won. Mu Won leaves Na Yun alone after saying a few words.

Eun Sul thinking back of Muwon saying that he is happy as she dumped both of them, and feels sorry (as she kissed with Ji HUn). Myung Ran says the left and right side of the heart can give to two person, Eun Sul laughs, as she worries about inheritance, restriction by Chairman Cha and other things.

Mu Won comes to apologize to Eun Sul. Know about Eun Sul and Ji Hun has something on. Eun Sul is sorry that Ji Hun scolds Mu Won, while Mu Won says he jealous with Eun Sul scolding Ji Hun. Eun Sul leaves afterwards.

Na Yun secretly backs home, but is noticed by her mother. Her mother is angry. She confiscates Na Yun’s credit card and car. Na Yun wants to run away from home. She leaves forcefully, hit the guard on the way. Na Yun’s mother shouts what education. Na Yun goes to hotel, but the hotel staff informs Na Yun’s mother. Na Yun is furious and checks out. On the street, she calls Ji Hun and Mu Won, both of them does not pick up the call.

Muwon’ mother hit Mu Won. She tells Muwon to back off and give up on Eun Sul now as they have something special. Muwon is agitated at hearing of Jihun and Eunsul, and is wavering, but still calmly shows his intention not to give up, and also won’t change his mind. Mu Won’s mother is angry till escape to room.

Eun Sul helps Na Yun to repulse stranger, Na Yun blames Eun Sul comes too slow. Eun Sul brings Na Yoon back home.

Myung Ran is ridiculing Na Yun, and reveals that Ji Hun has kissed with Eun Sul. Upon knowing this Na Yun is crying. When bathing, the hot water is too hot, causing her to cry again.

Ji Hun looking at the picture of Mu Won saying wants to kiss Mu Won.

Na Yun asks Eun Sul if she wants to give up on Ji Hun. Eun Sul says she don’t know. Na Yun recalls the time when both Ji Hun and Mu Won is loving her. It’s better comparing with currently where both of them hates her. Na Yu says she is fine staying at friend’s place, but dislikes Eun Sul home, causing Myung Ran angry.

Eun Sul wakes Ji Hun up, Ji Hun wants to kiss Eun Sul, but is spotted by Chairman Cha. Chairman Cha sits in between Ji HUn and Eun Sul, and Ji Hun whines. They go into lift together with Mu Won. Chairman decides to send Eun Sul to other place on the weekend, and informs her.

Mu Won sees Ji Hun, asks him why he comes. Eun Sul says she asks both of them to come together, and she wants to dump both of them. Ji Hun says he is supposed to already in her mind. Eun Sul hits her head a few times, saying that he has been beaten out. Muwon and Jihun is wrangling, Eun Sul stopping them. Ji Hun says he will treat as never heard of what’s been said just now, because he already knows her heart.

Ji Hun attempts to seduce Eun Sul anywhere anytime. When Eun Sul and Ji Hun is talking about business, Ji Hun says it’s hard to chase a person out from the mind.

Ji Hun says want to tell his psychological trauma to Eun Sul. Eun Sul resists at first, but finally agrees.

Chairman Cha asks secretary about the treatment of Ji Hun, scolding him for forgetting about this.

The father of Eun Sul bumps into Mu Won’s mother. Mu Won’s mother recognizes him, and escapes while drops a thing. Eun Sul’s father picks up the thing and chase after Mu Won’s mother to return to her.

Eun Sul’s father hits a guard, and is called to office by Chairman Cha. He says he is coming to meet his daughter. Chairman Cha mistakenly thought he knows about Eul Sul relationship with Ji Hun. Eun Sul’s father also unconditionally rejects Ji Hun as been the son of black society. Chairman Cha is angry, want to dump Eun Sul first. Eun Sul’s father wants to dump Ji Hun fist. Chairman Cha says he is the chairman of his daughter, while Eun Sul’s father says Chairman Cha is sucking Eun Sul’s blood, causing her to thin considerably after just joining the company for a while.

Eun Sul’s father leaves after saying what he wants to say, and leaves the mobile phone of Mu Won’s mother. Chairman Cha is cursing around. Eun Sul’s father then meets Mu Won’s mother, who reveals that Mu won is liking Eun Sul.

Eun Sul’s father asks Ji Hun and Mu Won to come, and asks them what is it for them to leave his daughter alone.

Na Yun’s mother finds out the location of Na Yun, rushing there. Myung Ran and Na Yun are doing face mask at home and chit chatting. Eun Sul blames her father, but her father insists the sons of chaebol are of no good. Eun Sul reveals she is going to be fired, and her father is dissatisfied.

Na Yun’s mother arrived and deal with her daughter. Eun Sul’s father asks her to maintain her manner.

Chairman Cha asks secretary not to betray him, and secretary tells him about Ji Hun’s illness. Chairman Cha find grandmother to ask if she knows about Ji Hun’s illness. Chairman says he will find the best specialist to treat Ji Hun. Grandmother says for Ji Hun sake, leave Ji Hun alone. Grandmother believes Ji Hun will recover, asking Chairman to trust Ji Hun.

Ji Hun steals grandmother’s thing and goes to Eun Sul’s house to give to Eun Sul’s father. Eun Sul’s father uses his fist to scare Ji Hun, and criticize him, says he is most dissatisfied with Ji Hun’s father. Ji Hun says want to marry Eun Sul. Eun Sul’s father is furious. Myung Ran says Ji Hun is wealthy, asks Eun Sul’s father don’t worry about it. Eun Sul’s father says a man must have the ability to bring happiness to woman. Eun Sul says father does not have such ability too.

Chairman calls Eun Sul, knows Ji Hun is in her house. He asks to meet Eun Sul. Chairman asks Eun Sul about thing happened in airport. Eun Sul explains that when Ji Hun was young, he saw her mother left. So Ji Hun went out to a place to find his mother, felt that the place can find his mother. But he felt the people surrounding was scary, but beside him got his brother. But because his brother passed away, his panic disorder resurfaced.

Chairman begs Eun Sul to be side of the son. Ji Hun backs home, and was shocked by Chairman Cha who hugged a cartoon doll. Chairman Cha didn’t say anything and go into room to cry. Ji Hun pity for the cartoon doll.

Eun Sul remembered what Chairman says, where he wants to grab back the share of Mu Won’s mother through an incident. She goes online to check something.

Ji Hun does not understand why Eun Sul’s father does not like him. Eun Sul brings Ji Hun out, and was found out by Mu Won, who shows displeasure. Ji Hun does not want to do what Eun Sul asked him to, but because he has agreed, so without choice, he has to go to do part time job in a coffee shop. In the coffee shop he meets a person whom he met in the theme park.

Mu Won’s mother scold her son, asks him to go for a date. Mu Won goes to find Na Yun, Na Yun grumbled that she is been spied. Because the time limit for Na Yun has arrived, she is forced to go home. Muwon feels it’s strange. He follows Na Yun, and calls her to ask her t escape. Na Yoon alights at traffic light, and board Muwon’s car.

Ji Hun tells that Eun Sul asks him to be a part-timer. Chairman Cha fully agrees. Ji Hun feels something strange that Chairman Cha is acting.

Eun Sul calls Ji Hun, says want to visit him to see if he is slacking. On the way, there is people who gives her glasses, flower, bread, doll. Eun Sul though it’s the work of Ji Hun. At this time, Mu Won suddenly appear in front of Eun Sul.

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