The success of first two sessions of High Kick series has made the third sequel of the High Kick sitcom, High Kick 3: The Short Legs Strike Back, to be shown weeknights on MBC one of the most highly anticipated drama of the year.

As the result, the creators, producers, writers, staffs, crews, actors and actresses, who somewhat felt nervous, were all on a mission to lower the expectations of audiences for the highly anticipated sitcom. However, the production team is confident that High Kick 3 will still as successful, as the drama intends to target a new range of audiences, with younger characters from the top, and older characters from the bottom. The sitcom is no longer a petty arguments between a grandfather and his grandson.

High Kick! 3

These elements of High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Long Legs will attract the viewers:

  1. A hilarious hole that established connection between main characters’ movement in previous session will continue to exist in “The Short Legs Strike Back”, however this time, there will be a tunnel to connect two neighboring houses together. The hole serves a funny element to make audiences laugh.
  2. Actors and actresses are going by their real names, with some actors or actresses change the last names (surnames) to match the family in which they belong in the drama. By using real name gives the incentive for actors and actresses to show their real personality on screen as well, and work harder.
  3. The age range of the characters was changed with more focus on the young adult characters.
  4. The High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Long Legs will be lighthearted throughout the series, which unlike its predecessor where there were several episodes that had a gloomy, downcast mood with a main character passed away towards the end, and shocked the audience.
  5. Resonating with audience by using topics and source materials that made sense and audience can connect with.
  6. A setting which citizens of Korea will find familiar.
  7. More ideas on unexpected twist to familiar situation.
  8. Narration that gives an objective outlook to the story and will help infuse some black comedy into “High Kick 3.”
  9. Some of the quirks of the actual cast have been inserted into the sitcom to add to believability of the drama. For example, SuperstarK 2 contestant-turned-thespian Kang Seung-yoon revealed that his character is similar to how he is in real life.
  10. Transformation powers of using new actors and actresses.