The romantic surprise of Yeo Jin Goo in The Sun and the Moon (The Moon Embracing the Sun) is attracting the attention of all viewers.

The episode 4 of MBC’s The Moon that Embraces the Sun) broadcast on January 4, 2012 depicts the life of Yeon Woo (Kim Yoo Jung) after she was selected as the crown princess and live in summer palace.

Yeon Woo is crying alone missing her mother after the court ladies left. When she takes the handkerchief given by the court lady to wipe the tears, only to discover that it’s written with “Are you weeping thinking of parted family now, then open the window” by Lee Hwon.

Yeon Woo opens the window and found that Lee Hwon (Yeo Jin Goo) is standing outside
Amidst the open window and found Li Xuan [Lvzhen long] was standing outside. She is curious on how Lee Hwon is entering summer place, and said, “was curious how the other side do not enter the palace, saying, “Your Highness is a model for all people, is the fundamental of the country, please go back,” and shuts the window. Before long, Yeon Woo opens the window again but finds that Lee Hwon has left, and she goes out to find him.

At this time, Lee Hwon has prepared a surprise gift. Lee Hwon says to shocked Yeon Woo, “I ​​got permission from Father Emperor, to prepare a puppet show for you, because it is too hastily prepared, not very good, hope you can understand”, and then enjoy the performance prepared by eunuchs.

In addition, Queen Dowager Yoon orders shaman Jung to kill Yeon Woo who becomes the crown princess, the misfortune is closer step by step to Yeon Woo.

via TVDaily