Rooftop Prince Episode 14 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis Summary for Episode 14 of Rooftop Prince

After Se Na was caught lying, she goes to appeal tearfully to President Yeo about her emotional pain.

After Crown Prince is suspicious of Se Na, he tails after her from behind.

Man Bo, Yong Sul and Chi San who found out that the marriage of Se Na and Crown Prince is in crisis, are feeling depressed because of unable to go back to Joseon Dynasty.

On the other hand, Tae Mu continues to grab the heart of Se Na.

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2 responses to “Rooftop Prince Episode 14 Synopsis Summary”

  1. Pinlky Avatar

     well done  ….gr8 esp  13  n  14 

    hopefully Bakha found real Tae Yong^^  
     She will take care  of him  with  his bed conditioned!! 

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