Synopsis Summary for Episode 5 of Rooftop Prince

Crown prince returns to the home of president Yeo, and requests president Yeo to buy over the rooftop apartment of Park where he used to stay. But president Yeo wants Lee Gak to cut short his hair as the condition to buy the rooftop apartment.

Although his three confidants have been repeatedly trying to dissuade him, the crown prince still determine to cut the hair. However, Park Ha decides to return to United States, and is clearing up the rooftop apartment.

On the other hand, Yong Tae Moo convinces that the newly emerged Yong Tae Yong is not the real Yong Tae Yong, and he summons family members to gather.

Alternative Episode 5 Text Preview

Tae Moo does not believe that crown prince is the real Tae Yong, so he wants crown prince to do DNA identification.

The inspector takes a cotton swab to insert to the mouth of crown prince to retrieve sample, crown prince is shocked.

Then, crown prince goes to rooftop apartment to find Park Ha, but he found that the room has been cleared. He rides the truck to chase after and shout to Park Ha who is taking bus.

In the end, crown prince grabs the arm of Park Ha, and says, “Without my permission, where you want to go.”

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