In episode 14 of “Rooftop Prince” aired on May 3rd, 2012, the biological mother of Park Ha (Han Ji Min) and Hong Se Na (Jung Yoo Mi) reappears, and the siblings relationship of the two persons are about to expose.

On the other hand, Lee Gak also learns the fact that Park Ha is the reincarnation of Bu Yong of the Joseon Dynasty, and as such the future plot development has attractte the attention of many people.

The PD of “Rooftop Prince” said, “The first half of ‘Rooftop Prince’ depicts how the crown prince adapts to the life in modern Seoul, the middle section depicts the love story between Park ha and Lee Gak, while the second half will emphasis on the murder of crown princess.” In addition, PD Ahn also said, “The later half of ‘Rooftop Prince’ will be dominated by reasoning plot, and will be attractive to the audience.”