Synopsis Summary for Episode 16 of Salaryman Cho Han Ji (History of Salaryman)

Cha Yeo Chi looking at the result of inspection before the death of Jin Shi Hwang, and is feel uncertain about why he wants her to analysis the composition of insulin.

The will of Chairman Jin indicates that all shares of the group is given to secretary general Mo Ga Bi, shocking everybody at the scene. While all other assets other than the company is given to Yeo Chi. Thus, Mo Ga Bi becomes the new chairman of Cheonha Group.

Mo Ga Bi plays trick so that all properties of Yeo Chi are declared bankrupt, and clean up the opposition in the company. Hang Woo could not stand it and stand up to oppose.

The penniless Yeo Chi drinks daily, letting Mo Ga Bi to relex her vigilance, in fact, Yeo Chi is pretending to be decadent.

Yoo Bang is blaming himself for the disappearance of Yeo Chi, and is suffering from alcoholism.

Yeo Chi deliberately kneel in front of the large shareholders to beg Mo Ga Bi to allow her to return to the company, while on the other side, Hang Woo inadvertently heard from Woo Hee that the death of Chairman Jin is suspicious, and secretly starts to investigate.

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