Synopsis Summary for Episode 1 (Premiere Episode) of Salaryman Chohanji (Contention / History of Salaryman)

Jang Cho Group has also been competing with Cheon Ha Group to develop new drugs. This time the new drug researched and developed by Cheon Ha Group is an anti-aging drug. Jobless Yoo Bang was arranged by vice president of Cheon Ha Group, Jin Ho Hae to enter the facility to steal the drug, and at the same time Hang Woo of Jang Cho Group also entering the R&D base as a tester.

Yoo Bang is smashed by the weight but he can’t stop laughing, everybody thought that it’s due to side effect of the drug.

The bubblegum which Yoo Bang supposedly uses to steal the new drug is taken away by other people under a strange combination of circumstances, and thus he is lucky enough to escape been exposed as spy.

In order not to let niece Yeo Chi to become the successor, Ho Hae who won’t get president to think highly of pays money so that her boyfriend breaks up with her. The unintentional move of Yoo Bang made Yeo Chi embarrasses herself in public.

Video Preview for Episode 1 (premiere episode) of Salaryman