Synopsis Summary for Episode 11 of Salaryman Chohanji (History of Salaryman)

Jin Shi Hwang calls the police to end the factory protest. Yoo Bang requests the release of Oh Kwang factory director in front of Jin Shi Hwang but is expelled.

Hang Woo is promoted to vice president. In order to display the thought of Woo Hee who wanting to leave, Hang Woo promotes Woo Hee to become the chief secretary of vice president.

On the vice president swearing-in ceremony, Yoo Bang arrives to butt in. The president fainted.

Yoo Bang wants to use the new product developed by the factory to attract investment. After failing every time, he finds Jang Ryang to think of a way. Jin Shi Hwang hears the news discreetly, and instruct Jang Ryang to trail Yoo Bang.

Jang Ryang suggests Yoo Bang to invite Liu Bang arrived at the scene spoiler, president fainted. Liu Bang factory research and development of new products to attract Peng Yuk to invest.

Yeo Chi is panic after seeing president turns blind. Mo Ga Bi takes the opportunity to manipulate Yeo Chi.