Synopsis Summary for Episode 4 of Salaryman Chohanji (History of Salaryman)

Woo Hee passes the new drug to Ho Hae, but the real new drug has been hidden by Woo Hee.

Yeo Chi suspects Woo Hee is the one who steals the new drug, she instructs Yoo Bang to investigate together with her. Yeo Chi goes to the house of Woo Hee to search, Woo Hee takes advantage of the chaos to put the new drug into the bag of Yoo Bang. Yoo Bang believes that the new drug is a nutrition sent by President Jin. He decides to give the medicine to his mother to eat.

Hang Woo heard that there is still a bottle of new drug that is not yet been burned, and he finds Hang Ryang to discuss about it. Ho Hae lets Hang Ryang sees the new drug. Hang Ryang accidentally kills Ho Hae when trying to take the drug.

Hang Woo lures Yoo Bang to go to Ho Hae’s home to find the drug, and at this time Yeo Chi also comes to Ho Hae’s house.

Video Preview for Episode 4 of Salaryman