Sexy Slim Legs of Ha Ji Won are Stunning

Ha Ji Won who is playing the role of female commanding officer of North Korean Special Forces in MBC TV drama The King 2 Hearts does not forget to show off her beautiful, slim and long legs in the drama. In the episode 4 of The King 2 Hearts broadcast on March 29th, 2012, Ha Ji Won who is wearing mini-skirt sits on the chair, and put her feet on the opposite table, revealing her sexy legs, allowing audience to have the opportunity to feast their eyes on her beautiful legs that haven’t on camera so far.

The post of Ha Ji Won also reminiscent of the exactly the same action did by Lee Seung Gi in the 2nd episode. But unlike the jokingly action by Lee Seung Gi, Han Ji Won who sits on the chair looks very sad, Look like a joke with Lee Seung Gi, at the moment sitting at Ha Ji-won, but looked very worried, with something weighs heavily on her mind, raising the curiosity on what is making her so troubled.

On the filming set located in Gyeonggi-do on March 8th, 2012, Ha Ji Won was wearing a tidy North Korean women’s uniform, under the order of director, sat on the chair to begin the shooting for the scene. Ha Ji Won who sat on the chair and showed off her sexy legs made the atmosphere on the scene to become hot, the feet that was exposed under the ultra short skirt almost did not require any touch-up, very amazing.

Ha Ji Won who was shy on showing of the beautiful legs until the moment before shooting, immediately went into her role after the shooting started. The calm expression was perfect, the professionalism was remarkable. In order to prefectly portray the role of female instructor in The King 2 Hearts, Ha Ji Won exercises persistently, and actually gets rid of 4kg of weight over time. Her efforts not only allows her to perfectly reproduce the charm and aura of North Korean female instructor, but also made her legs even more slender and sexy.

The producer said, “Before the shooting, the smile of Ha Ji Won brings vitality to the set, after the shooting began, she immediately enters into the situation, the professional spirit leads the atmosphere on the set. This drama not only demonstrates her ability in dialects, but also showcases her endless variety of charms.”

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