Taemin of SHINee pop boy group is making a guest starring in SBS sitcom Salamander Guru and Shadow Operation Team.

Taemin is playing the role of mystery character that can transfigure and disguise as anybody, making the lead characters confused. The highlight is the transformation into old grandpa, woman and others.

Tae Min joined the filming on January 31st, 2012. On the day’s communication of PD Park Seung Min, he said, “Tae Min disregarded the biting cold, sincerely participated in the filming, shooting the role with cheerful look and full effort until the end,” conveying the warm atmosphere at the shooting scene.


The cameo of Taemin in Salamander Guru and the Gans is to support another member of the group, Minho, who plays the role of genius hacker Min Hyuk. During the production press conference of Salamander Guru and Shadow Operation Team held in January 2012, Minho said,” If there is a chance, the members of SHINee have the idea to cameo as guest stars to help out.”

At the same time, on the day of shooting, Son Naeun, the member of girl group A Pink also participated in the filming. Son Naeun is playing the role of Taemin’s sister.

The cameo appearance of Taemin and Son Naeun is broadcast on episode 4 of Salamander Guru and Shadow Operation Team on February 17th, 2012.