The dreamy fashion of Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon’s stage costume is attracting everyone’s attention.

On the MBC’s “Show! Music Core” program aired on April 28th, 2012, Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon performed the OST of “The King 2 Hearts” which is the theme song for Kim Hang Ah (Ha Ji Won), “Missing You Like Crazy”.

Taeyeon who has impressive vocal singing capability put all the feelings into the song on stage, the consistent sorrowful expression was like singing method of pouring out, yet showed off her singing skill in the treble part of the song.

What’s getting attention together with Taeyeon’s vocal prowess is the charm of Taeyeon’s costume. The dressing of Taeyeon is completely suitable for “The King 2 Hearts” which tells the story of North Korea and South Korea. Taeyeon was wearing a flesh-colored instructor uniform on her upper body, but was wearing mini gauze skirt which is not even on front and back, interpreting flipping charm of gentle and quiet upper body, but fantasy lower body.

The theme song of lead female role Kim Hang Ah in “The King 2 Hearts” sang by Taeyeon highlighted the sensible and soft voice of Taeyeon, and it’s a very sad sang. The whole song has part which emotional is repressed, and also treble is exploded, fully showing the emotional change of Kim Hang Ah in the drama.

In addition, this is not the first time Taeyeon is attempting on drama series’ OST. She used to sang OST for Beethoven Virus” and “Hong Gil Dong”, all of which was ranked among the best in the music charts, as such Taeyeon has become an emerging strong play in the OST circle.