Soo-ae finally accepted the marriage proposal of Kim Rae Won in the scene that moved viewers to tears.

On the 11th episode of SBS drama series “A Thousand Days’ Promise,” broadcast on November 21st, 2011, Lee Seo-Yeon (played by Soo-ae) was lost while driving, and she contacted Park Ji Hyung (played by Kim Rae Won) for help.

Park Ji Hyung spent all his effort to locate Soo Ae, and took her home. After Seo Yeon regained her consciousness, Park Ji Hyung proposed to her, “Let me enter your life,” wanting to treasure her. However Seo Yeon firstly rejected him, “Why you want to throw yourself into the mud? You’ll be shackled by me.” Ji Hyung replied, “Because you’re there, so I want to walk towards you. I won’t give up, will give you happiness.” Showing his determination. Seo Yeon said, “Stop here. You’re not a fool.” She wanted to express her intention of hoping to be together with Ji Hyung, but she afraid to be the burden of Ji Hyung and thus did not agree easily.

Soo Ae and Kim Rae Won Hug

Eventually she hugged him and said, “Have me. I want to be with you forever.” Seo Yeon agreed to the proposal of Ji Hyung in tears, they hugged while crying, and the viewers in front of TV were also moved.

Later, Seo-yeon dreamed of the happy married life with Ji Hyung and seemed much brighter and she took treatment differently too.