Lee Seo-yeon (palyed by Soo-ae) was crying and sobbing her heart out after parting with Kim Rae-won.

In the first episode of new SBS drama Monday and Tuesday TV series “A Thousand Days’ Promise,” the intimate relationship between Lee Seo-yeon and Park Ji-hyung, who is about to get married with Noh Hyang-gi (Jeong Yoo-mi) was explained.

Park Ji-hyung and Lee Seo-yeon’s love was passionate but there is some disturbing places that get on one’s nerves. Because Park Ji-hyung is in state to marry with Noh Hyang-gi soon. Lee Seo-yeon knew she was going to be left alone by Park Ji Hyung but she continued her relationship with him anyway.

Soo Ae Cry in Gents Washroom

Lee Seo-yeon succeeded in the annual spring literary contest to go into literature arts, but to make a living, she is writing autobiographies for the wealthy. Meanwhile, Noh Hyang-gi is from a well-off family and Park Ji-hyung doesn’t want to let her go for his success although he loves Lee Seo-yeon more.

In the day’s program, Park Ji-hyung set a wedding date with Noh Hyang-gi and said goodbye to Lee Seo-yeon. He told her, “I’m sorry I’m so mean”. Seo Yeon replied, “I’ve imagined this day since long time ago” and appeared unconcerned, but after parting with him, she went into the men’s bathroom and cried her heart out.

Watch the cut scene video clip for the segment:

via Nate