Korean actress Soo Ae revealed that every time prior to shooting the difficult emotional scenes, she will use the four-leaf clover to give herself encouragement.

On 3 PM afternoon of October 28th, 2011, Soo Ae participated in production news conference for SBS Monday and Tuesday drama A Thousand Days’ Promise held at Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju city of Gyeonggi province. She said, “When filming the scene when I get to know I am diagnosed with dementia, and the scene of breaking up with lover (Kim Rae Won), it’s very hard to deduce own emotions. So, when shooting such scenes which has pressure, I will put four-leaf clover into the part of script for the scene.”

Then she continued, “There is so much scenes that are difficult to emote, so the places that clipped with four-leaf clover have changed several times, and eventually even lost the four-leaf clover. The clover was gifted by a sister whom I knew when filming commercial together, I feel very regret losing it.”