The A Thousand Days’ Promise drama series starring Soo Ae and Kim Rae Won debuted on October 17th, 2011. On October 28th, the actor and actresses in main leading roles were interviewed by the press after the news conference. Sina Korea talked with Soo Ae, Kim Rae Won, Lee Sang Woo and Jung Yoo Mi, which revealed interesting behind the scene stories, including the kiss scenes.

Kim Rae Won: Hello, everyone, long time no see, I am Kim Rae Won.

Soo Ae: Hello, everyone, I plays the lead role of Lee Seo Yeon who lost her memory in the drama.

Jung Yoo Mi: Hello, everyone, I am Jung Yoo Mi who plays Noh Hyang Ki in A Thousand Days’ Promise.

Lee Sang Woo: Hello, everyone, I am Lee Sang Woo who acts as Jang Jae Min, the cousin of Soo Ae and friend of Kim Rae Won in A Thousand Days’ Promise.

A Thousand Days' Promise Interview

Sina Korea: Introduce your character in the drama!
Kim Rae Won: I am an architect in the drama. Is a company owner, called Park Ji Hyung. In the drama, I love a girl crazily and unreasonably passionate likes a fool. The love for the girl is without qualm yet is very pure.
Soo Ae: I plays Lee Seo Yeon in the drama, who lost her memory. Get to know friend of cousin Ji Hyung, despite knowing that the love with Ji Hyung is impossible, but still in love relationship with Ji Hyung, and in the course of love, is diagnosed with severe amnesia where patient will gradually lose the memory. Is a unlucky girl who is going to say goodbye to the world she is living in.
Jung Yoo Mi: In the drama, my role is loving Ji Hyung who is played by Kim Rae Won. Is a fiancée whose heart is just thinking of him. Probably an unrequited love, please look forward to how the plot of my love in the drama progress.

Sina Korea: Is there tacit understanding for cooperation of Soo Ae and Kim Rae Won?
Soo Ae: It seems like it’s my first time to cooperate with Kim Rae Won through this drama. After confirming as cast, director told me that I will play against Kim Rae Won. At that time, in my mind had emerged the look of me cooperating with Kim Rae Won. So this time through A Thousand Days’ Promise, we can act together, I am very happy. This is the greatest satisfaction.
In addition, apart from acting, Kim Rae Won who I come into contact with is also a very sincere and straightforward person. I have told Kim Rae Won face to face that I felt he is a very sincere person. But the first scene that we needed to cooperate turned out to be a kiss scene, we had to portray lover in deep love right from the start. Because there is no time in which we get familiar with each other, so it’s quite difficult during acting. Eliminating the process of love, and need to treat Kim Rae Won as the person whom I already deeply in love with, proved to be very hard, but still put in all efforts with Kim Rae Won to adapt.

Sina Korea: Was there any hightlights when both of you filmed the kiss scene?
Soo Ae: The highlight of kiss scene, must be the nervousness. The role that I played is not the type that enjoys the love, but is a very intense kiss, now thinking back it looks like that kind of feeling.

Sina Korea: Who is the one that can make the filming venue’s atmosphere active the most?
Kim Rae Won: I think it’s me, I am quite humorous.
Soo Ae: Well, Kim Rae Won is always immersed into his role on the set, I never see him looked happy. Today, he even said he is good in joking, in future I really want to look forward to it.

Sina Korea: Lastly say something to everybody.
Kim Rae Won: Actually I do not need to promote for the TV series anymore, because the fans of Kim Soo Hyun writer are too many, so I believe everybody will watch the drama. I return to the TV screen after a lapse of three and a half year, so no matter it’s body or mind, I have made the best preparation. Please look forward to it.
Soo Ae: This is by far my most entangled work among the films I acted in. I am not very active on the filming venue, this is my shortcoming, but I belong to the hardworking section who put serious effort to study the script.

via Sina Korea