The lead actress of A Thousand Days’ Promise has been busy with reciting of a lot of dialog lines.

Soo Ae who plays the role of Seo Yeon in the top ranking Monday and Tuesday drama SBS’s A Thousand Days’ Promise said that her tongue is half dead because of having to memorize the huge amount of lines unique to screenwriter Kim Su Hyun. Generally, the lines in the script that actors have to memorize in a scene will not be more than about one page, but it’s common for Soo Ae to has the situation where she has to recite more than eight pages of dialog lines in most scenes. The main partner actor Kim Rae Won also has dialog lines, but it’s just saying of “Well,” “Yes,” “No,” and other short words in between.

Eventually Soo Ae has to digest more than eight pages of dialog lines alone. The crew at the filming venue said that in particularly because of the very long yet popular culture written lines unique to writer Kim Soo Hyun, if the filming is cut at a point, then in most situation the scene can’t be completed, that’s why the take has to be done at one go. The actors and actresses cannot relax the vigilance even for one moment. In addition, the writer Kim demands that actors to the extent that they cannot be wrong on even one words, so the burden of Soo Ae is gradually increasing.

A Soo Ae aide said, “Because of the role with illness, so the usage of feelings is more, coupled with the very long lines, thus after receiving the script, she need more than double the time to master the feelings and memorize the lines when comparing with other works. But, because of the hardness, she have learned a lot of things. Because cannot have any oversight, Soo Ae is studying overnight. Physically very tired, but the mood is very rich and colorful.”

via Nate