Soo Ae expressed the wish of be a strong woman when she was attending the news conference for SBS TV series A Thousand Days’ Promise on October 28th, 2011.

Soo Ae who always plays the innocent and pure character said, “I never feel that my role is innocent or pure. Inside my heart I hope to be a strong person. I always hope to challenge the role that I never acted before, to try out the new me. As I currently still going through the initial stage of my actress career, so when I try out different type of roles or show the side which I personally don’t understand, I will always feel the spiritualization of my soul in my inner heart.”

She added, “I feel that I still have a lot of potential not yet been shown in acting. In future I will slowly show it to everybody.”

Soo Ae who expressed wanting to be a strong woman said, “Really hope to be a woman who strong inside the heart. Although I hope to be so, but actually my tears are a lot. Hope to be Seo Yeon in the drama.”