Sunny Girl (Sunshine Angel) Episode 1

Sunny Girl (Sunshine Angel) Episode 1 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis summary for episode 1 of Sunny Girl (Sunshine Angel):

Yang Guang dreams of prince again!

On a street of old city which can’t differentiate the era and of dream conception, surprisingly quiet, there is a prince who is chased and surrounded by bad guys. He is fighting alone. Yang Guang handsomely fights through the siege, with martial arts which is soft but strong in hit, fight off bad guys, and seize the price who falls into dire straits. Strange? Isn’t it normally it’s prince who comes to rescue princess? Why always dream of her saving the price? Yang Guang always woke up laughing by this dream the make fairy tale upside down.

But that day, Yang Guang woke up, something happened that caused her can’t laugh.

That day, the evil creditor from Taiwan suddenly appeared at working place of Yang Guang, demanding parents of Yang Guang to appear and settle the debt. Yang Kwang’s father is a Taiwanese, while mother is Okinawan, both of them always want to earn big money through illegal ways. Yang Guang is sent to the home of grandmother in Okinawa in the name of further study, but actually is because nobody takes care of her as her parents have ran away.

Yang Guang simply does not know their whereabout, creditor has not choice but to take out the “maid contract”, requesting Yang Guang to repay the debut of her parents. In order to return grandmother’s upbringing, Yang Guang agrees to become maid.

Di Ya Xin, the successor of Alorvera cosmetics company, is presenting his inaugural address in Okinawa and announces the setup of research center in Okinawa to conquer Asian cosmetics market. Geng’s father who sits besides Elizabeth is resentful, because he has worked in Alorvera for tens of year but not been recognized, and now has to help Ya Xin. So he has the idea to seize power, and asks his son Geng Fei to cooperate with him to set up Ya Xin.

Yang Guang who was forced to sign the “maid contract” returns to home in the early morning. She is worried, and wants to calm herself, so go to the small self-built shower room to bath so that her mind can become clearer. In the shower, a stranger falls from heaven, in the crazy way parachuting into the shower room, and even uproots the roof of the bathroom, causing Yang Guang to scream.

The man flew from the outer sky terrifies Yang Guang, but this man blames Yang Guang instead, blaming her for bathing in the day. Yang Guang is so angry that it’s unbearable, as the man who destroy her house for no reason is so unreasonable.

A few days later, Yang Guang manages to find the mansion that she is to work as main according to given address. She stuns looking at the mansion, garden, which is simply worlds apart when comparing with her current home. Unexpectedly, the man who destroyed her shower room Di Ya Xin is actually the master she is going to serve in future! The fate of Di Ya Xin and Yang Guang seems like particularly strong. Since then, Yang Guang maid life is no longer calm.

Sunny Girl (Sunshine Angel) Episode 1
Sunny Girl (Sunshine Angel) Episode 1





5 responses to “Sunny Girl (Sunshine Angel) Episode 1 Synopsis Summary”

  1. Joy Avatar

    After watching for 2 episodes, find that the show is so silly.

  2. Joy Avatar

    I am still watching this show bcos of Ranie & Wu Chun.  But still hv disappointment.  The show is trying to copy some scenes from korea show, but it doesnt work out.  In this show, Ranie seem so stupid, and Wu Chun’s mandarin still need to be improved!!!    .

  3. Anya Avatar

    where I can see the first episode? 

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