Sunny Girl (Sunshine Angel) Episode 10

Sunny Girl (Sunshine Angel) Episode 10 Synopsis Summary & Preview Videos

Synopsis summary for episode 10 of Sunny Girl (Sunshine Angel):

Ya Xin is painful that he can’t let Yang Guan knows his plan of revenge, causing her to misunderstand him. But in order to successfully reclaim Alorvela, he has no choice but to continue acting. Chairman Yin goes to visit Ya Xin at his home, he deliberately lazy to entertain her, and pretends to look unpromising and requests money from chairman, causing chairman to completely lose hope on him. This is all his plan to convince others that he is fallen until willing to sell his pride, and willing to work for Geng’s family.

In order to gain the trust of everyone to work in the company, Ya Xin painfully wears a fake mask, destroys the breakfast car of Yang Guang mercilessly in front of everybody. Watching with her own eyes everything that she had built been destroyed by Ya Xin, Yang Guang slaps him in the face, which breaks the trust of Yang Guang to Ya Xin, and breaks her heart.

Seeing the desperate Ya Xin, Geng Fei tentatively believes Ya Xin is loyal. In addition, after looking at humble attitude of Ya Xin in front of him, he also thinks of brotherhood between them. So despite Geng’s father still skeptical of Ya Xin, Geng Fei decides to help Ya Xin to work in the factory. Actually Ya Xin decides to work in the factory because he wants to closely observe how Geng’s family handle the Li Gui Wei Er, and try to save the fate of it was discontinued.

After entering the factory, Ya Xin wants to explain everything to Yang Guang, hope that she can trust him, but this time Yang Guang is completely disappointed, and ignores Ya Xin. When Ya Xin is about to tell his revenge plan, Geng Fei suddenly appears, and Ya Xin has no choice but to betray Yang Guang again. He immediately scolds Yang Guang without reason, and pleases Geng Fei. Looking at the wavering Ya Xin, Yang Guang feels that one thing that Ya Xin never changes is childish, and he is incurable!

Yang Guang who has completely given up on Ya Xi follows Qi Lei and Qi Baby to meet brother Dou, who is the person assigned by Elizabeth in the Alorvera to gain back the authority. Qi Lei thinks that saving the Li Gui Wei Er is equaled to helping Ya Xin, and so invites Yang Guang to join the group, but Yang Guang has given up al hope, and does not want to do anything for Ya Xin. Qi Baby sees Yang Guang has changed, advises her to leave behind everything to clarify clearly with Ya Xin, to understand what happens to him.

Ya Xin meets master Choi who is the founding hero of Li Gui Wei Er in the factory, and now to save Li Gui Wei Er, master Choi is the key person. So Ya Xin begs master Choi for help, although it’s raining heavily, he plans to kneel in front of the door of master Choi until he agrees. But at this time Yang Guang who accepted the suggestion of Qi Baby calls Ya Xin to meet at the garden, and she will wait until he appears.

Sunny Girl (Sunshine Angel) Episode 10
Sunny Girl (Sunshine Angel) Episode 10

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