Sunny Girl (Sunshine Angel) Episode 12

Sunny Girl (Sunshine Angel) Episode 12 Synopsis Summary & Preview Trailers

Synopsis summary for episode 12 of Sunny Girl (Sunshine Angel):

Angela Yin An Qi discovers in the Geng Fei’s office photos of Yang Guang’s parents disguised as businessmen, and is alerted that there may be something wrong. She elicits everything from the mouth of Yang Guang’s parents who are unsuspecting and craving for greatness and success. After knowing everything is the plan of Ya Xin, Angele takes advantage of it to force Yang Guang disappears from in front of Ya Xin, or else she will expose everything.

Yang Guang who loves deeply Ya Xin obviously can’t bear to see everything done by Ya Xin comes t naught, so she decides to leave together with her parents. Before leaving, she let Qi Lei and other people knows that Ya Xin stands on the same side with everybody, and let Ya Xin helps everybody to assemble the mixer, and she even takes the initiative to invite Ya Xin to go ride the Ferris wheel. On the Ferris wheel, Ya Xin who still does not know that Yang Guang is about to leave, shows his affection for Yang Guang who suffered much for him, but Yang Guang who is leaning close to Ya Xin, has mixed feelings in heart.

During the period, chairman Yin also gets to know that the weird actions of Ya Xin are just acting, and other than felt pleased, also begs everybody to stop Geng Fei from announcing discontinuation of Le Gui We Er at the board meeting. When everything is ready, it’s time for Yang Guang to leave quietly.

Qi Le who knew that Yang Guang about to leave, could not bear to see the two loving people being obstructed. Even if he is also like Yang Guang, he still notifies Ya Xin to go to stop Yang Guang togethe. Heaven helps those who are righteously, not only Ya Xin manages to keep Yang Guang at the last minute, but he also able to catch up with the board meeting. Using video conferencing, he and brother Dou let all directors clearly see the mixer is existed in perfect condition, and the directors finally resolute to use the sales performance of Li Gui Wei Er and new product developed by Geng’s family to decide the winner.

Although the mixer has assembled, but only master Choi knows the real recipe, and unexpectedly master Choi is in depression and finally passed away. While everybody is mourning, Ying Shan says that the grandson of master Choi, Aaron, who played around with master Choi in the factory since young, and is talented and interested in chemical formula. Aaron though still young, but is already a professor in university, and he used to take the formula of Li Gui Wei Er for research, so may be able to help.

Ya Xin and Yang Guang goes to the research center to find Aaron. Surprisingly Aaron hugs tightly Yang Guang once he saw her, and readily agrees to help, just because of Yang Guang looks like his girlfriend who has passed away.

Sunny Girl (Sunshine Angel) Episode 12
Sunny Girl (Sunshine Angel) Episode 12

Sunny Girl (Sunshine Angel) Episode 12 Preview / Recap Trailers






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