Sunshine Angel (Sunny Girl) Episode 9

Sunny Girl (Sunshine Angel) Episode 9 Synopsis Summary & Preview Videos

Synopsis summary for episode 9 of Sunny Girl (Sunshine Angel):

Ya Xin uses the income from selling Alorvera’s inventory of goods, not only manages to repay all the money paid by Yang Guang to rent the house, but also rent the opposite apartment, so Yang Guang can bring her parents to stay together. He thought he has managed to break away from adversity, but he is sued by Geng Fei to illegally seize company’s assets, and is arrested and brought into prison.

Ya Xin is in jail, both Yang Guang and Angela is worried. Yang Guang tries to find ways to help Ya Xin release from prison, and even willing to kneel in front of Geng Fei for Ya Xin, but Angela blames all the fault to Yang Guang. Angele remembers the ring on Ya Xin’s necklace that he wanted to use as proposal ring, and wants Geng Fei to get her the ring. Though Geng Fei is unhappy that Angele is so care of Ya Xin, but in order to make Angele happy, he takes away the ring after forcing Ya Xin to kneel down.

Yang Guang who knows the importance of necklace to Ya Xin follows the leaving Geng Fei, and realizes that everything is planned by Angela secretly. After getting the necklace, Angela throws it angrily into the pool, just to vent her anger.

Yang Guang waits until Geng Fei and Angela have left, and then walks into the pool alone, bent over to look for the necklace for the whole night. Eventually, she manages to find the necklace at dawn. She happily rushes to take it to Ya Xin, but Ya Xin can’t control his impulse, and again goes to Alorvera to find Geng Fei. In the end Ya Xin is carried out by security. Seeing Ya Xin who can’t be patient, the bright Yang Guang can bear no longer, shed tears sadly.

Noticed by Ya Xin, he feels he needs to do something so that Yang Guang can be at ease. During a bath at a bathhouse with father of Yang Guang, because of Yang Guang’s father words awoken Ya Xin, he suddenly understands what he should do.

But the revenge plan of Ya Xin hurts Yang Guang deeply.

Sunshine Angel (Sunny Girl) Episode 9
Sunshine Angel (Sunny Girl) Episode 9

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