Sunshine Angel (Sunny Girl)

Sunshine Angel (Sunny Girl) Episode 3 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis summary for episode 3 of Sunny Girl (Sunshine Angel):

Ya Xin promises to unconditionally accept all request of Yang Guang to convince Yang Guang to go on stage. Makeup artist and stylist transform her from a ordinary girl into a diamond girl, the beauty stuns the audience. Not only the new product presentation is a complete success, but also let the Di Gu Wen who is waiting to see Ya Xin embarrassment to extremely angry. Angela at the side does not feel good too, as Yang Guang who is transformed managed to attract the attention of Ya Xin.

After the event, Ya Xin is happy, and brings Yang Guang for a meal. The request by Yang Guang is that Ya Xin must promises to complete the breakfast by seven in the morning, causing Ya Xin to feel inside the heart that she is cute. After dinner, Ya Xin brings Yang Guang to rooftop forcefully. When seeing a meteor, Yang Guang makes a wish, saying that she hopes to live happily with grandmother and her parents. Her simplicity attracts Ya Xin.

On the other hand, Di Gu Wen who fails to damage the presentation, is even more actively planning to defeat Ya Xin. He plans to more actively defeat Ya Xin. He wants Geng Fei to gain complete trust of Ya Xin, and helps to make the investment of new research center in Okinawa a success. He plans to let Ya Xin has taste of success before bringing on his downfall.

Yang Guang finds out that Ai Nuo Wei La cosmetics company is selecting comestics design articles from the school’s notice board, and decides to participate with her full strength to win the prize money of one million Taiwanese dollars to clear the debt of her parents and redeem herself, and return to Okinawa to reunite with grandmother.

However, Yang Guang just about see a silver lining in the horizon, her parents who love to get into trouble unexpectedly come to create problem. While Ya Xin and Yang Guang are not at home, they break into Ya Xin’s house, and carelessly breaks the precious family portrait photograph of Ya Xin. After Ya Xin discovered, he is furious, and begins to have cold war with Yang Guang.

Sunshine’s grandmother is coming from Okinawa to Taiwan to visit his granddaughter, but Angela deliberately chases her away, and angrily drive away Ya Xin’s car to vent her feeling, as she cannot understand how Ya Xin can bear with Yang Guang who did so many absurd incidents. Unexpectedly for a moment of out of focus, she hit a person, and that person is actually Yang Guang’s grandmother.

Sunshine Angel (Sunny Girl)
Sunshine Angel (Sunny Girl)

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