Sunny Girl (Sunshine Angel) Episode 4

Sunshine Angel (Sunny Girl) Episode 4 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis summary for episode 4 of Sunny Girl (Sunshine Angel):

The death of grandmother deal a heavy blow to Yang Guang, Di Ya Xin remembers the scene of losing his parents when young, is even more sympathy to Yang Guang. During the period when Yang Guang takes leave to deal with grandmother’s funeral, Ya Xin finds that he has used to the life with her around.

However, Yin An Qi who hit and killed Yang Guang’s grandmother, feels guilty conscience, want to give Yang Guang a one million Taiwanese dollar check and asks her to leave. But Yang Guang insists on using her own ability to earn money and repay the debt. Angela is not convinced, and decides to compete with Yang Guang on Ai Nuo Wei La cosmetics product design competition. Angela asks Geng Fei to find her a original work by Japanese designer to disguise as her work, and assigns many tasks to Yang Guang so that she does not have time to design.

Ya Xin feels sad looking at Yang Guang who just lost a family member and works hard, but cannot truthfully says words that can console Yang Guang due to self esteem, then just kept trying to use a clumsy way so that Yang Guang can take a breath. After knowing that Yang Guang is planning to participate in the design contest, he ensures that she can stay at home to draw and advises Yang Guang without leaving trace.

With the assistance of Ya Xin, Yang Guang’s creative idea is much appreciated and is selected to win the contest, Ya Xin is happy for this. Geng Fei who can’t help Angela whom he loved to win is now hating Ya Xin, and Angela who didn’t manage to win is secretly calculating and planning revenge on the maid who steals her champion glory.

Ya Xin who loves to bully Yang Guang, purposely brings Yang Guang straight to baseball field, and mischievously conceal the fact that she has won. After seeing the discouraged look of Yang Guang, Ya Xin cannot help but to tell Yang Guang the truth. Yang Guang sweeps away dark clouds and happily declares that she is finally can out of maid status.

“Out of maid status!” Isn’t that mean she will move from Yin’s house, leaving him? Upon hearing what Yang Guang eager for is such result, Ya Xin’s face impression instantly turned down.

Sunny Girl (Sunshine Angel) Episode 4
Sunny Girl (Sunshine Angel) Episode 4

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