Sunny Girl (Sunshine Angel) Episode 5

Sunshine Angel (Sunny Girl) Episode 5 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis summary for episode 5 of Sunny Girl (Sunshine Angel):

Sensing that she is about lose Ya Xin, Angela lies that Ya Xin thought the time for them to marry is ripe. Chairman Elizabeth Yin unilaterally announces the engagement news of Ya Xin and An Qi. Ya Xin is stunned, while Yang Guang at the side feels lost in heart.

Yang Guang uses the prize money to pay off the debt, preparing to go back the hometown at Okinawa. She meticulously prepares the last dinner for Ya Xin. But Ya Xin cannot face the impending leaving of Yang Guang, and thus Ya Xin let Yang Guang waits in vain for whole night.

Fortunately, Qi Lei and Qi Baby is organizing a farewell party for Yang Guang, cheering up the mood of Yang Guang, but coincidentally bumps into Ya Xin who is in low mood. Seeing Yang Guang is with Qi Lei, Ya Xin jealously ridicules Yang Guang, and almost fight with Qi Lei. He wants Yang Guang to return home immediately. At home, Ya Xin can’t say what he wants Yang Guang to back home for, Yang Guang leaves angrily and disappointedly. The next day, Ya Xin wakes up, but cannot find Yang Guang, then only certain that she has left his life for good.

A few days later, Ya Xin receives a gift from Okinawa. Yang Guang wrote a letter to thank Ya Xin for his care. The words of Yang Guang let Ya Xin finds his courage again, decides to fly to Okinawa.

The sudden appearance of Ya Xin let Yang Guang surprised and happy, they can finally together alone one night, facing their own feelings undisturbed. Before Ya Xin leaves Okinawa to settle and explain clearly about his engagement with Angela, he looks at Yang Guang and tells her to wait for him to return, though he can’t explain much. Yang Guang sweetly looks at the back of Ya Xin who is leaving. He leaves his mobile phone with her so that he can find her anytime. However, a SMS text message right after informed her that today is engagement day of Ya Xin and An Qi. Looking at the message, Yang Guang clearly understands that she and Ya Xin is person of different world, and it’s time to switch off the mobile phone belongs to them.

Sunny Girl (Sunshine Angel) Episode 5
Sunny Girl (Sunshine Angel) Episode 5

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