Sunny Girl (Sunshine Angel) Episode 6

Sunshine Angel (Sunny Girl) Episode 6 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis summary for episode 6 of Sunny Girl (Sunshine Angel):

Ya Xin who is originally planned to return to Taiwan to settle clearly the relationship with Angela, is worried about Yang Guang and immediately turns back half-way, but Yang Guang has knew the news of engagement of Ya Xin, and decides to not pick up Ya Xin’s call. When Ya Xin returns to old house of Yang Guang, he misses her who already boarded the passenger ferry.

The two who is separated, miraculously meet again in Shanghai a year later.

This time Ya Xin definitely does not want to miss Yang Guang again, but Yang Guang has the misconception that Ya Xin has engaged with Angel, and she somehow felt that she should avoid Ya Xin. When Ya Xin calls the company of Yang Guang, she has resigned.

Yang Guang backs to Okinawa, trying to return to live in her old home, unexpectedly Ya Xin who doesn’t give up follows her step to come to Okinawa, and it’s him who is the new owner who has bought the Yang Guang’s old home.

Yang Guang requests Ya Xin to sell her the house, Ya Xin thereby intentionally ties Yang Guang to his side, semi-forcedly brings Yang Guang back to Shanghai, says that want to find a time to sign contract with her again, but inside the heart has decided to propose to Yang Guang.

But the news that they both returned to Shanghai, is quickly known by An Qi who finished the one year student life and back to Shanghai. Geng Fei sees that beloved An Qi is still obsessed with Ya Xin, causing him to getting more and more dissatisfy of Ya Xin. Geng Fei decides to make use of the trust of Ya Xin of him, preparing to completely defeat and destroy Ya Xin.

However, Ya Xin who is thinking hard on how to propose to Yang Guang does not sense the danger that going to happen on himself.

When he brings up the dessert dish which contains the proposal ring, somebody is coming to seal Ya Xin’s house.

Sunny Girl (Sunshine Angel) Episode 6
Sunny Girl (Sunshine Angel) Episode 6

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