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On March 15th, 2012, MBC Wednesday and Thursday drama series The Moon that Embraces the Sun rang down the curtain with viewership ratings of 42.2%. The highest single minute ratings of the day even hit as high as 48.1%. Although the audience had already guessed the ending through the original novel of the same name, but people was still concerned about the tension development of the plot, until the last moment. The Moon that Embrace the Sun had been broke in in full fury since debut.

On the day of premiere, it already ranked first position among dramas broadcast at the same time with audience rating of 18%, starting smoothly. From episode 16, the viewership ratings even exceeded 40%, upgraded as “national drama.” Apart from amazing audience ratings, the dialog lines, casting, and even the tiny goofs in the drama have become the focus of discussion, proving the amazing popularity of the drama. Ilgan Sports put together the five most “unforgettable” left by The Moon that Embraces the Sun that mesmerizing the audience for the last 3 months.

▶ All new charm of Kim Soo Hyun

The biggest beneficiaries of the The Moon that Embraces the Sun is Kim Soo Hyun. Although Kim Soo Hyun started to cut a figure in the 2011’s Dream High, but his popularity at that time was far less than The Moon that Embraces the Sun. Through starring in this drama, his look and acting have got the 100% praise. In fact, his popularity is far beyond the level of concern, becoming “syndrome.” His elegant face, prefectly shaped facial features, looks even more perfect after wearing the ikseongwan (royal hat). Although this is his first sageuk (historical drama), but he showed glamorous acting by virtue of bass vocal and tone for the lines with rising and falling pitch. After finding out that Yeon Wo (played by Han Ga In) whom he thought has died 8 years ago is still alive, the scene of him staggered and burst into tears is even becoming the climax scene of the whole series. In addition, the romance story of him and Yeon Woo in the drama also left a deep impression.

His explosive acting has even surpassed Hyun Bin in Secret Garden. Recently, British actress Kaya Scodelario whom he selected as his ideal type became the the top keyword for real-time popular search terms on Internet, all the search keywords that are related to Kim Soo Hyun have ranked on the top. The offers for endorsement from advertising industry are continuous, and he has signed a good more than 10 advertisement endorsement contracts, and on hand, there is more than 10 scripts of film for him to choose as next project, causing him to fall into the happy headache.

▶ Classic lines

“Popular TV series must have classic lines,” this patten also applies on The Moon that Embraces the Sun. In the plot of every episode, the lead actors will say classic lines that choked up audience’s emotions. When doesn’t know that Yeon Woo and Wol are the same person, Lee Hwon (played by Kim Soo Hyun) contradictory tells Wol, “You’re not allowed to leave my side, this is royal decree.” The single sentence made female audience immersed into the drama, agreed wholeheartedly. When young Lee Hwon said to young Yeon Woo, “You want me to forget you? Hope I can forget you? Sorry, I want to forget but couldn’t forget,” it also moved many audience. In the last episode, after Lee Hwon asked Yeon Woo, “Who are you?” Yeon Woo answered, “Female servant is the woman of the king, is also the state mother of the country, Heo Yeon Woo.” This line also memorable.

▶ Wonderful performances of child actors

The child actors played the role in laying the foundation for the drama. The performance of Kim Yoo Jung, Yeo Jin Goo, Kim So Hyun, Lee Min Ho, ZE:A (Children of Empire)’s Lim Si Wan and other child actors toward their role even surpassed some actors. The audience is deeply immersed into the excellent performance of child actors in the first 6 episodes, consequently they felt sad that these child actors left the TV screen from episode 7. In particular, optimisms abound for the future of Kim Yoo Jung and Yeo Jin Goo, their acting career has a bright future, receiving much attention from all circles. They also received a lot of CF, and invitations for audition in TV series or movie.

Not only child actors, Kim Min Seo who debuted in 2008 with the movie I Love You also lets the public remembers her name 4 years after debut. Kim Min Seo showed excellent acting in the plot where she thought that the palace has the soul of Yeon Woo, is scared to trembling, and sobbed tearfully. In the drama, her fingers trembled slightly, interpreted the mood at the time, full of nuance, critically acclaimed. Although Song Jae Lim who plays the role of warrior guard of Lee Hwon, Woon, has less lines, and is only a supporting actor, but he received the recognition by virtue of his silent standing pose which looks valiant.

▶ Theme songs, props and other elements that attract viewers

The theme songs and the drama props also propelled to become an essential element to attract viewers. The theme song OST of the drama, Back In Time, sang by Lyn also once defeated the songs of popular idols, sweeping the music charts, having high popularity. Street shops and cafes everywhere also play the song of Back In Time. On March 13th, 2012, after the OST sang by Kim Soo Hyun, Only You One Person, was released, it immediately ascended the real time popular search terms chart.

And there have been goods that have a good sales by virtue of the popularity of TV series. The chrysanthemum tea prefers by Lee Hwon, flowery letter paper personally made by Yeon Woo for Lee Hwon, and raden crafts used by Princess Bo Kyun (played by Kim Min Seo) all become the popular products, selling like hot cakes in department store and etc. Normally, it’s difficult for historical drama to have revenue from product placement (PPL), but The Moon that Embraces the Sun has enjoyed the sweetness of produc placement exceptionally.

▶ Bring in lots of money

While The Moon that Embraces the Sun wins the popularity, it also brings in money. The revenue that the drama earned through advertising alone hit as high as 13 billion South Korean wons (about 11.5 million US dollars). The income for premiere episodes hit 8.6 billion South Korean wons (about 7.6 million US dollars), 2.6 billion South Korean wons (about 2.3 million US dollars) for repeat broadcast, revenue from sequential sales of advertising at 0.8 billion South Korean wons (about 710 thousand US dollars), and special feature episodes at 1.1 billion South Korean wons (about 977 thousand US dollars). In addition, the drama has been exported to overseas, earning substantial revenue. Currently, export contract has been signed with Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesaia.play through the sale of copyright to foreign earned income is considerable, has been with Japan, Thailand Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesia, and export negotiation is undergoing with Vietnam and other countries.

It’s expected the sales price of each episode to hit as high as KRW $150 million (about USD $133,000), thus through only copyright, the earning will increase by about KRW $20 billion (about USD $17.75 million). If including the future copyright sales to cable channels and VOD, it’s estimated to earn another substantial income.

via Ilgan Sports