The Bucket List of President Cha in Protect the Boss

In South Korea SBS’s Wednesday and Thursday drama Protect the Boss, father of Ji Hun, the Chairman Cha (played by Park Young Kyu) compiled a bucket list with several items when he was lying on the hospital bed after complaining of heart pain. The bucket list was later saw by his son, Cha Ji Hun (played by Ji Sung), who was touched, but laughed and uttered childish.

Understand the items listed on the bucket list of President Cha is important to understand the inner feeling of the character in the drama, and nevertheless, the bucket list contains some interesting entries.

Here’s the bucket list of President Cha:

  1. Rub the back of each other with Ji Hun.
  2. Travel with Ji Hun.
  3. See Ji Hun accepted and approved by everybody.
  4. Pass my position to Ji Hun.
  5. Become a father that Ji Hun proud of.
  6. Have a date with Ji Hun.
  7. Personally cook for the family.
  8. Carry mother on the back.
  9. Find a boyfriend for lonely mother.
  10. Find a good wife for secretary Jang.
  11. Prepared a retirement pension plan for secretary Jang.
  12. Write an autobiography.
  13. Present the true image of Chairman Cha, leave courageously.
  14. Forgive Shin Sook-Hee. (cross out after finished writing)





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