The Chaser Episode 1 Synopsis Summary (with Preview Trailers)

Synopsis Summary for Episode 1 of “The Chaser

Hong Suk who is full of love for his only daughter Soo Jung and has not been very successful in his detective life, is suddenly selected into the security force for the presidential candidates.

Member of parliament Dong Yoon who is running for the president falls into the crisis of divorce and been arrested due to the arbitrary act of father-in-law President Seo.

Dong Yoon’s wife, Ji Seo, who has been always secretly meeting with the popular singer PK Jun, fled the scene after driving and hitting Soo Jung.

Dong Yoon requests President Seo to support his presidential bid in exchange for hiding the fact of accident caused by his wife.

But the surgery of Soo Jung is very successful, and her physical condition gradually improved.

Dong Yoon bribes the good friend of Hong Suk, who is also the doctor in charge of Soo Jung, Chang Min, wanting him to eliminate Soo Jung.

The Chaser Episode 1 Preview Video






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