The Equator Man Fighting Back with Ratings Rose Alone

The territory of Wednesday and Thursday drama is changing.

The KBS2 TV drama series The Equator Man recorded the national viewership rating of 10.2% (based on AGB Nielson Media Research) for the episode 5 broadcast on April 4th, 2012, setting its highest ever ratings to date. Comparing with the 1st episode rating of 7.7%, it’s an increase of 2.5%.

The MBC’s The King 2 Hearts that broadcast at the same time slot on the day ranked top with the national average rating of 13.5%. The ratings have dropped 3% from its first episode. SBS’ Rooftop Prince rated 11.2%, similarly declining.

Because of the aggressiveness of The King 2 Hearts and Rooftop Prince, Man From the Equator has been relegated to least important position in publicity, leaving only a narrow room for promoting. But the the ratings of the drama have rose consecutively for 3 episodes, launching an even more violent attack.

In the episode 5 of The Equator Man, the adults in the drama, Kim Sun Woo (Eom Tae Woong), Lee Jang Il (Lee Joon Hyuk), Han Ji Won (Lee Bo Young), and Choi Soo Mi (Lim Jung Eun) officially begin the conflict. Kim Sun Woo who woke up from coma recalls the childhood memory of betrayal by Lee Jang Il. Jang Il said, “I’m Kim Sun Woo’s best friend,” raising the tension.

The refreshing bright outlook of Han Ji Won, the calm change of Kim Sun Woo when remembering the first encounter, and emotion acting to Jang Il are also impressive.

Also in the episode 5 of The Equator Man, the romance of Kim Sun Woo and Han Ji Woo. Both persons who were first love when young, is attracted attention on how they’re going to reunite after over 10 years.

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2 responses to “The Equator Man Fighting Back with Ratings Rose Alone”

  1. Myosta Avatar

    I like Equator man

  2. chaisy595 Avatar

     I watched 3 dramas my opinion is The Equator man storyline is better than RTP and TK2H. If only The Equator man the lead actor is another young handsome actor I think ratings will be higher than the other 2 dramas.

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