The King 2 Hearts Episode 9 Synopsis Summary (Video Preview)

Synopsis Summary for Episode 9 of The King 2 Hearts

Title: Established of public hearing of Kim Hang Ah

The meeting of Jae Ha with Bong Goo ended. Bong Goo gives a gift to Jae Ha, but is upset because of the unexpected reaction of Jae Ha. He changes his plan and decides to donate a huge sum to the royal family as financial aid.

On the construction site of memorial park to pay tribute to Jae Kang, suspicious item is found. Shi Kyung goes to find Hang Ah who is studying seriously.

The King 2 Hearts Episode 9 Preview Video






3 responses to “The King 2 Hearts Episode 9 Synopsis Summary (Video Preview)”

  1. Boo Jia Min Avatar

    Can’t wait for Kingdays~
    JaeHa and HangAh, please kick butts!

  2. iluv1n2d Avatar

    Ohh i can’t for this!! sso exciting! 

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