To sum up The King 2 Hearts (TK2H) drama in simple words, it’s a story of how a naive prince grown into a king.

Therefore, the army march scene of episode 4 displays the outline of the story plot. Simply put, the 60km arduous road he walked hints at the way he would took to become the real king. It’s a path no one can go for him, and a road with no turning back midway. People who can accompany him is just princess Hang Ah. As what Eun Si Kyung said in the drama, that he will protect Lee Jae Ha from behind, other persons apart from Jae Ha and Hang Ah is supporting staffs helping from afar.

Jae Ha started the march with injury and bleeding on the leg. The scene is similar to ascend the throne after losing his brother and bleeding in the heart.

In the snow which cannot see ahead, Jae Ha can only move forward step by step through wind and snow, dragging his injured leg, and keep asking himself the reason of the march and his situation, just like the various difficulties and psychological changes that are going to face by Jae Ha initially when ascending the throne.

The scene of falling down and wanting to give up is just like seeing the setbacks and despair that Jae Ha is going to experience.

From the image of Hang Ah who is by the side Jae Ha and take care of him, it’s possible to predict the kind of image possessed by Hang Ah when she becomes the queen. In the episode 1, Hang Ah displayed her cold appearance, but in episode 4, she displayed the cold inner heart.

Hit by bullet of Jae Ha, but still came out to help Jae Ha, treating his bleeding wound, listening to barking of Jae Ha who has no sense, she completely understands him. To Jae Ha who insisting on walking out of ferocity, arrogant and will, but still face with collapse, Hang Ah still think of a way to let him regain confidence, and has the hope to keep going (through cheating the time).

Not by rebuking or using force to tame, but to guide Jae Ha, allowing him to keep going. Such a Hang Ah is colder than cold appeareance. Of course, as a woman desired for love, she definitely will get get hurt in the process of loving Jae Ha, and even shedding tears, but believe that Hang Ah will tolerate the naive side of prince Jae Ha.

The 1st episode showed that personality of characters and story background, while the 4th episode showed the outline of story that is going to develop. Of course, it can be foreseen that the story will be a happy ending.

Why is it 60km? Been enemy for 60 years, who is the one saying not believing? 60km and 60 years, 60 years of been enemy and 60km of walking together.

Translated of fan review via DCInside