The Moon Embracing the Sun Blows Up Fiery Storm

At the deep and hidden palace, man and woman who encounter by chance fall in love. Hero is the crown prince of Joseon Dynasty Lee Hwon, while heroine is the daughter of chief educational officer Heo Young Jae. Although once the woman becomes the crown princess is just like true love has a result in the end, but the girl who falls sick and confines to bed passed away. She does not really leave, it’s a conspiracy, from here, the story is just a beginning.

The romantic palace drama is popular? The popularity of MBC drama The Moon that Embraces the Sun is unusual. After setting that record of achieving 18% ratings (AGB Nielson national average) on the premiere episode on January 4th, 2012, the drama ranks first among the dramas broadcast at the same time slot at every subsequent episodes. The original novel of the same name by Jung Eun Gwol also move into the rank of best-selling books. The Moon that Embraces the Sun triggers a ratings boom.

The fictional historical drama The Moon that Embraces the Sun is different from other Wednesday and Thursday drama series from the first episode, achieving ratings of close to 20%. This is thanks to the consecutive success of 2011’s The Princess’ Man and Deep Rooted Tree, broadening the groups watching sageuk.

The fictional dramas based on historical facts such as 1453 Coup (The Princess’ Man) and Hangul creation (Deep-Rooted Tree) were well received by the audience. The Moon that Embraces the Sun which is fictitious from beginning to end also successes without a doubt. Professor Yoon Sik Jin of Chungnam National University explained, “The map of historical drama centers around traditional sageuk expanded a lot in 2011, therefore form an environment that accepts fictional sageuk naturally.”

Especially the younger viewers are even more interested in this “new concept historical drama.” Without constraint by authenticity of history, can imagine and create ending freely. On the message boards, many viewers requested to “let Yeon Woo becomes the queen,” “must let Hwon and Yeon Woo together.”

Only the background of The Moon that Embraces the Sun is set against the backdrop of Joseon Dynasty. The male and female lead characters encounter and fall in love by chance, although the road of their love is bumpy due to objection from the surrounding, but it also lets their love deeper and more romantic. The 4 child stars, Yeo Jin Goo (Lee Hwon), Lim Si Wan (Yeom), Lee Min Ho (Yang Myung) and Lee Won Geun (Woon) become the indispensable flower handsome boy lineup in the trend of drama, capturing the hearts of female viewers on debut.

Breaking the “20-year-old code” funny scene is so as well. The various military scenes of “really selfish gene,” “cold palace man” of guard warrior is really truly a new generation of TV series. The plot of Queen Dowager (Kim Young Ae) who wants to take over the power, and the fantasy element of Yeon Woo falls sick due to spell are also very interesting.

Online message boards have been posted with a lot of thoughts, comments and questions. Like, “Why call Nok Young as state shaman?” “Is there really such a person as friend of crown prince and princess?” and other queries.

The scene of “three select of crown princess” has also sparked controversy. The content of women during Joseon Dynasty who has not selected as crown princess has to live alone for life has appeared in the drama. Professor Yoon said, “After the broadcast, in the process of television age has not been selected as the eldest son of North Korean women candidates Princess jealously guarding its availability should be the content of his life. Allow professors that finding out if it matches the historical facts, the audience feels very interesting, letting audience full of concern for the drama.”

For the drama to be more convincing, tragedy at the end has to be more precise. Drama critic Lee Young Ae commented, “The political conspiracy that turns the love of hero and heroine into a tragedy needs more persuasion.”

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