The Moon Embracing the Sun Ep 19 Preview (Novel Spoiler)

The MBC Wednesday and Thursday drama series The Moon that Embraces the Sun has entering its final countdown with 2 more episodes to go. The plot that is full of suspense has made a lot of viewers can’t wait to watch the next episode.

For audience who likes spoiler, here’s the possible summary text preview for The Moon that Embraces the Sun episode 19, which is based on the novel of the same name which the drama series is adapted from. Note that the storyline of the drama may or may not be followed exactly by the novel, so just read for entertainment purpose.

The Moon Embracing the Sun Episode 19 Spoiler Preview

In episode 18, the king Lee Hwon sends a secret decree to Hong Kye Tae of Uigeumbu (royal guard and secret police) to gather the soldiers trained and cultivated by Great Kind’s (Hwon’s father) Woon-Geum (cloud sword, there are five Woon-Geum originally) to the palace, to eliminate the forces of prime minister who plots to rebel.

Yang Myung who hides his identity as a Woon-Geum pretending to participate in the rebellion, and then arrests and submits the gang who secretly conspires the rebellion to the king, wiping out the power of consort clan in one go.

Princess Min Hwa is forced to divorce with Heo Yeom. In the Joseon Dynasty where guilty by connection is very severe, only a divorce can save Yeom from punishment. The princess is then demoted to state slave, and Heo Yeom is deprived of the field and position awarded as emperor’s son-in-law.

Great Empress Dowager Yoon is poisoned to death by the clique of Yoon Dae Hyung who thinks that she no longer has any value in use.

Queen Yoon Bo Gyeong commits suicide when she knew the news of her father’s rebellion. It’s a mistake that she manages to sit on the position of the queen with the help of Great Empress Dowager Yoon and prime minister, as such the state wedding is not recognized, became a virgin ghost.

Because of Yeon Woo is the first crown princess, and thus she is been affirmed as the first queen.





17 responses to “The Moon Embracing the Sun Ep 19 Preview (Novel Spoiler)”

  1. Madhavajackie Avatar

    wow l hope the episode is downloaded soon pliz put subtitles

    1. Agnes Avatar

      you have to wait until next wednesday when its already air in Korean then the people downloaded to the web then only you can see.

  2. MALDITA Avatar

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa so min hwa is forced to give up yeom many will be happy

  3. Www Javzaa1028 Avatar
    Www Javzaa1028


  4. Joun Avatar

    Spoilers for episode 19 and 20 are great. Everything came to an end, a happy and right one. Min Hwa is punished but not killed. Except for Prince YM, everyone got something (even Yeon got a son). 

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  6. Jujuwent Avatar

    C’est nul si la princesse divorce, je les aimés bien moi à deux =(

    1. Joun Avatar

      Moralement, c’est la seule solution pour l’auteur. Comme ça, Min Hwa n’est pas tuée (ce n’est pas un peronnage détestable, ni cruel donc il serait horrible de la faire tuer) et elle est doublement punie en perdant son mari mais également du point de la justice en perdant son status de princesse pour avoir celui de serf (travaillant pour des bâtisses gouvernementales, un peu comme des heures de travaux d’intérêt public). De plus, sans divorce, son mari et enfant aurait dû subir le même sort alors qu’ils sont de la famille de la victime.

      C’est parfait parce qu’en plus les anti-fans de Min Hwa, ceux qui la tiennent pour responsable consentante (ce qui n’est pas vrai) dans la malédiction, la voient recevoir un sort pire que la mort : la séparation de son chéri. N’oublions pas non plus, qu’elle est l’ennemie de sa famille dans les critères historico-culturels de Joseon. Son mari est même considéré comme ayant commis un pêché en ayant eu un enfant avec l’ennemi.

      1. M0tc Avatar

        Moi je trouve  que c’est inadmissible qu’elle soit condamnée pour un crime commis étant enfant, elle était juste amoureuse, elle pouvait pas savoir que sa grand mère est si vil! Enfin, bref je trouve que c’est juste pas méritée… 

        1. Joun Avatar

           C’est parce que tu t’es attachée à son personnage alors que même si elle était enfant et même si elle était inconsciente de ses actes, elle doit payer pour sa légereté/ sa complicité dans la mort d’une princesse héritière. En tant que membre de la famille royale, elle se doit de donner l’exemple et elle aurait même dû être exécuté pour sa participation dans un rituel mortel (elle a quand même prié pour la mort de Yeon Woo). Tu ne trouveras personne pour la défendre dans ce qu’elle a fait. Même dans notre société, tu peux aller en prison si tu es reconnu coupable de participation même involontaire à la mort de quelqu’un. Si tu renverses une personne parce que tu réglais ta radio, tu peux finir en prison si la victime meurt. Pareil si un de tes élèves meurt ous la surveillance d’un professeur.

  7. Charmel Lagman Avatar

    wow what a lovely story, i will miss it! thank you so much it’s a great and well done job. God bless all!

  8. Ying1950 Avatar

    I wish that they would have the happy ending for Yang Myung, the king’s brother, as well.  I really like the Young Yang Myung played by Lee Min Ho (1993).  He is handsome and is a good actor.

  9. thaiunited Avatar

    final episode 2o spoiles poeview korean website
    after completing the royal wedding ceremony .lee hon and yeon woo spend agreat and romantic time in the end ,heo yeom does not become court official,and he is tocused on educating his son ,heo ui
    threey ears later ,there is petition that crown prince should a hend the lecture at sigangwon [royal education out of considerafion to let crown, prince has adependable force to assist when he ascends to the throne in future, lee hwon decides to lel the son of heo yeom .heo ui ,to enter the palace and be the reading partner of crown prince .
    the 4 -year -old heo ui does not cry even when falls down earning the liking of crown prince .
    princess min hwa who is released from the status of state slave is lurking outside yeom’s house in shabby state .she is discovered by yeom and both persons have a reunion . all though yeon cannot forgives the sin commuted by the princess, but he still hugs tightly  the princess out of deep love for the princess .
    yeon woo who is sleeping in the queen’s chamber is pregnant again …end

  10. Asti_g_mei Avatar

    May I ask something? I read elsewhere that the ending of MBC MoonSun has been leaked and Seol will be sacrificing herself for her love for Yeom, but, her part is not stated on the text preview from the book.. Could it be that PDnim will be giving us a different ending? 

    1. Guest Avatar

      yeah, cause in episode 19, Seol died… TT.TT i hope the PDnim will give a nice twist in the ending (:

  11. hola:)pucca Avatar

    fyi but the drama got so popular tht mbc decided to add 4 more episodes so its not the last 2 episodes…. theres gonna be 24 episodes

    1. tammy le Avatar

      no there isn’t. they declined so it’s only 20 eps

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