Synopsis Summary for Episode 16 of The Moon Embracing the Sun (The Moon that Embraces the Sun / The Sun and the Moon)

Title: True identity of the moon

Bo Kyung saw shaman Wol, believing that the dead Yeon Woo comes back alive, she falls into panic.

After meeting the queen, Yeon Woo who is about to leave the palace bumps into Hwon in front of Hidden Moon Pavilion, but she does not reveal the fact that she is Yeon Woo.

On the other hand, Nok Young tells Yeon Woo that she is going to meet Hwon, and reveals the person who was accidentally involved in the affair 8 years ago. Yeon Woo is engulfed in shock.

The Moon that Embraces the Sun Episode 16 Preview Video


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  • Vildodge2004

    I can;t wait to watch ep.16 I wish they will show it now, the story is getting intense I can’t wait wol well prevail her real identity so that the person did it to her well get punish. And in the end hoping the prince and wol well reunited forget Bo Kyong.

  • Laura_dna

    Ahora el rey reconocerá aun mas quien es w/yw, ya que ella al recordarlo todo no podrá disimular mas su amor, ahhhhhhhhh en días como estos detesto tener que venir a trabajar!!!! Solo me queda leer su maravillosa recapitulación …….
    I cant wait to read the recap of this ep, i hate my work, cuz i cant watch the vídeo!!! Soo saaaddd… TT_TT thnks god u r so fast to recap the ep :oD.

  • ayuqie last king..u do realize that the person that u looking for and misses so much…was actually has been around u all this time..gosh…cannot imagine how’s the feeling..

  • RodPatrick

    I hate the Hwon at this point of the series. He’s an incompetent King for failing to recognize Wol at once as his long lost Yeon U. I would even be glad if Yeon U run away with Prince Yang Myung. Hwon who brought more misery to Wol/Yeon than the Queen Dowager did when she tried to kill the young Yeon.

  • shi jean

    oh my god . . . . . . .. . . .i luv u yeon woo . . .. . . . . . … . . . . . .. . . . . . . .