The Moon that Embraces the Sun Episode 13 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis Summary for Episode 13 of The Moon Embracing the Sun (The Moon that Embraces the Sun / The Sun and the Moon)

Title: Witch Hunt

Hwon who is about to consummate with Bo Kyung is hit with unidentified curse, and collapsed, the place is in an emergency.

Bo Kyung is full of grudge to Hwon who let her humiliated. Together with Yoon Dae Hyung, they plot the conspiracy to frame Wol as the cause of the curse and to dishonor Hwon.

In order to solve the secret of tangled and complicated death of Yeon Woo, Hong Kyu Tae pays a visit to imperial hospital.

Wol is framed for committed high treason and is taken to Uigeumbu (the royal investigation bureau and secret police).

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12 responses to “The Moon that Embraces the Sun Episode 13 Synopsis Summary”

  1. Vildodge2004 Avatar

    its a nice story, but I was hoping that the girl Shannan will get back her memory . and the king should not sleep with the queen if he did not love her that’s awful . I hope the ending in these story is that the king and the Shannan will be together in the end I like them both they match each other they have chemistry.

  2. Jam_natt Avatar

    WOW!!!! where did you get the update. Wherever, I am very grateful!! thank you!!!

  3. Princess Sun Avatar
    Princess Sun

    This concise summary was a huge spoiler — but I’m glad for it because I was sooo curious as to what was going to happen next. Don’t know where you got the inside scoop but thanks for sharing :) Can’t wait til the episode is released and I hope this drama will not let me down — aka everything ends suddenly with the death of all the main characters or only the bad people end up happy. PLEASE! 

  4. Susn51 Avatar

    In this period, kings marry for political reaons. It is fortunate if this girl is the one he loves and this love is reciprocated.
    Although this synopsis is a spoiler, I am glad that I read it. The suspense was killing me. Hwon want to take away the power from his grandmother’s side of the famlily. If an heir is born to the queen, this side of his family will become more powerful and he will truly end up like his father, a puppet of his grandmother and he family. I hope that what the Spiritual mother has seen in the future, that is, an heir will be born but not through the queen, would come true (episode 8 or 9).
    If Wol gains her memory, it will be end of the story in the next episode. There are 3 people who know who wol really is – Spiritual mother, Taoist priest and Seol. Jan Shil holds one of the keys of Wols identity, but dos not know it.
    I am getting irritated with Prince Yang Myung. The heart of Wol will always belong to the king.  I hope that he realizes.Yeon Woo once siad that once she has give her away or mad a decision, she will not change her mind no matter what the consequences are. Instead, the Prince should let go of Wol and help the King investigate the death of Yeon Woo. Anyway, his safety is tied to the safety of the King.

    When will Woon and Seol meet? I hope that these would meet soon. It would be interesting to see in what circumstances they will meet, if they recognize each other and what the conversation/dialoguw would be.

    Love the drama!      

    1. JJ Avatar

      Hello Susn51.  I like your comment. Please continue…

    2. Diet Avatar

      Hi Susan51, i like your comment too! Please write more! I’m looking for ep13 with English sub or Chinese sub. Do you know any?
      I hate Minister Yoon, he is SOOO awful. Hopefully, he will be punished by what he’s done on Wol, the King and Prince!!!
      I like Seol too. She’s cute, loyal and smart! But Woon is not in love with her but Wol…
      Spiritual mother and Taoist priest should union to help the King to rid out of the Queen grandma’s family power. Their power can do that too! And the King Hwon should not just be a puppet of grandmother and her family!!! Whon, be stronger!! Kill Minister Yoon sceretly is one of the way to rid out of them.

  5. Emzyne74 Avatar

    i love this drama…thank you for the update…it indeed is a spoiler but the suspense is killing me…again…thanks…

  6. Ayuqie Avatar

    yeah..they fail to consummate..really glad…yeon u and lee hwon will be always together and they were meant for each other…i keep smiling when i read this summary for episode 13..when they will meet, and when will king remember the person that always stay beside him all night long was his one and only crown princess,Yeon U..when Yeon U can get her memory back…eonje ya?eonje ya?

  7. Kdrama fanatic Avatar
    Kdrama fanatic

    wonder who put the curse?

  8. Cooly darya Avatar
    Cooly darya

    Can’t wait for the subs!!!
    I’m really happy ,but when will Wol remember that she’s Yeon Woo?Is already episode 13 and there are 20 episodes …So there aren’t much episodes left :(
    I’d like if this drama has 30 episodes….I love the actors ^ ^

  9. Diet Avatar

    Minister Yoon is really bad and hopeless!! and the baddies and Queen grandma. Woon has such a outstanding sword ability, appear and hide himself so easily, why not the King asks Woon helps plans nicely to kill the head of baddies, Minister Yoon and the four others! Don’t you think that it’s short-cut to settle down all ??!!

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