PD Kim Do Hoon who finally completed the shooting for The Moon Embracing the Sun after several ups and downs shared his thoughts over the last few days on Twitter. On the morning of March 12th, 2012, Kim Do Hoon wrote on his Twitter account, telling his complex state of mind over a series of events over the last week from participating in strike, stoppage of The Moon Embracing the Sun broadcasting, to return to the filming set.

PD Kim Doh Hoon tweeted, “This week, The Moon Embracing the Sun will usher in the last 2 episodes. Last week because of my sudden participation in strike, causing the TV series to stop the airing, and triggering a storm in a teacup which was not I originally intended. In regard to this, I earnestly apologize to all audience. Due to the fact that no matter what action I took, it will be scolded, I spent a week with a painful mod. Although the confusing position has caused me not able to make judgment easily, but after careful consideration, I determined to go my own way, not subjecting to influence from anybody else.”

Immediately after, he added the explanation, “First of all, I respect the decision of MBC Drama Association and the union, and I withdrew from the filming set, because this is my obligation as a member. But on the other hand, I have other obligations, and that is to shot properly The Moon that Embraces the Sun and present to the viewers. Even if it’s off air for a week, after all I couldn’t let it stops broadcasting indefinitely. Troubled for a long time, finally made the person decision to return to filming set.”

At the same time, director Kim Do Hoon also announced, “This week The Moon that Embraces the Sun will end smoothly, after that I will return to the strike scene. Even if I am called double-faced, I have no complaints. However, if you let me choose again, I will make the same decision. Because as I said when leaving the filming set, I will not become a coward that evades from responsibility.”

Lastly, director Kim Do Hoon said, “Very sorry, letting many people fell into chaos. But I hope that audience will not be shackled by the political issues or disturbances, let’s enjoy that drama of The Moon that Embrace the Sun. Please wait for the conclusion of love and life of lead characters in The Moon that Embraces the Sun. Sincerely hope that this drama can attract the heart of everyone until the end.”

On March 6th, 2012, PD Kim and other directors suddenly announced the participation in the strike. As the result, the finales of The Moon that Embraces the Sun that originally scheduled to broadcast on March 7 and 8 were forced off air. But PD Kim Do Hoon returned to the set on the afternoon of March 6th, 2012, and participated in the remaining filming days.

The final 2 episodes of The Moon that Embraces the Sun is broadcast on March 14 and March 15 of 2012.