Kim Jaejoong and Wang Jihye French Kiss

Wang Jihye Wishes Nayun and Muwon To Together

The actress of SBS’s Wednesday and Thursday drama series Protect the Boss, Wang Ji Hye, has confessed from the bottom of her heart that she wishes the character she plays in the drama, Seo Na Yoon, will have happy ending with Cha Mu Moon, a role played by Kim Jae Joong.

On the conclusion of the drama, she said: “Thanks to truly great production crews and actors, I had so much enthusiasm for acting. It was truly fun to go to the film set.”

Wang Ji Hye

When asked about the ending plot for grand finale of the Protect the Boss, Wang Jihye revealed how she felt in the heart, “Just as Eunsul and Jihun fills each other’s lacking spot, I wish that Muwon will supplement the aspect of Nayun that she is wanting. Until now, Nayun’s heart for Muwon has gradually grown. I hope that please, in the end, the two will become happily together.”

Kim Jaejoong and Wang Jihye French Kiss

Wang Ji Hye continued, “In terms of Nayun, she could have been perceived as rather hateful character under the drama’s structure at certain moment, unlike Eun Sul. But the character that created by the writer and the director had some imperfections, and she shouted out “the power of education.” I think thanks to that Nayun was reborn into a loveable character.”

Wang Jihye also said that she felt her popularity had increased as she filmed the drama. She confessed, “Suddenly, there is people who would say hello to me in hair salons and elevators. At first I thought if they’re someone that I know but cannot remember. But then they’d said that they enjoyed the drama very much, and only then I understand that ‘wow, many people know Nayun.’ I felt great.”

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