What Park Min Young Did During Filming Rest Time

During the standby time in the midst of filming, Park Min Young sometimes drew sesame-sized picture and showed it to people around her, and sometimes she held tightly to the thermos cup with both hands to savor the coffee, showing a very naughty side, which also attracted public attention.

These are performance of Park Min Young during filming of Glory Jane (Man of Honor). In the course of seriously memorizing script, Park Ming Young sometimes felt bored and so she drew sesame-sized drawing, and shyly made public her drawing skill to people around her. Or she used thermos cup to fill with hot coffee, savoring the delicious coffee, proving her status of been “fanatic coffee lover.” Especially for using the thermos mug to replace the disposable cup on the set, Park Min Young was really leaving deep impression to others.

After seeing the photos, netizens commented, “The drawing of Park Min Young is really small,” “The drawing is as the person, so cute!” “Bringing own thermos mug new concept actress Park Min Young,” “In Park Min Young previous dramas she also can’t separate from coffee! Really is avid coffee lover.”


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