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When Woman Powder Twice

Drama Title: When Women Powder Twice
Korean Title: 여자가 두 번 화장할 때
Romanization Pronunciation: Yeo-ja-ga Doo Beon Hwa-jang-hal-ddae / Yeojaga du Beon Hwajanghal Ttae
Chinese Name: 女人两次化妆时
Japanese Name: 女が化粧を2度するとき
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 65
Broadcast Place: South Korea
Broadcast network: JTBC
Broadcast period: 5 December 2011 – 7 March 2012
Language: Korean
Air time: Monday to Friday 8:20 AM

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Plot Summary / Synopsis

A drama about a woman who was adopted and went through several obstacles in life.


Danny Ahn (데니안) as Han Sun Woo (한선우)
Im Jung Eun (임정은) as Soo Ji Hamilton (수지 해밀턴)
Im Yae Won (임예원)
Kim Chang Sook (김창숙)
Yun Kyu Jin (연규진)
Eom Yu Shin (엄유신)
Kang Sung Jin (강성진) as Joon Soo
Ahn Jae Mo as Young Woo
Cha Hyun Jung
Jung Ui Kap
Shin So Mi

Production Credits

Director: Han Jung Hee (한정희)
Screenwriter: Ji Sang Hak (지상학)

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