Who is the most pitiful woman in The Moon Embracing the Sun?

MBC TV Wednesday and Thursday drama The Moon Embracing the Sun sets in the era of ancient Joseon Dynasty as background, staging the the Korean historical background, staged a melancholy and moving love story of Lee Hwon and female shaman Wol. The audience is feeling heartache for the Lee Hwon, Wol and other characters in the drama.

So, among the main characters in the story, who is saddest? Let’s check against the drama and the novel.

★ The crown princess when childhood and Wol when adult

First of all, Heo Yeon Woo (Kim Yoo Jung) has a perfect childhood. The family members of Yeon Woo: respected father Heo Young Jae (Sun Woo Jae Duk), graceful mother (Yang Mi Kyung), and promising young scholar brother Heo Yeom (Lim Si Wan).

Heo Yeon Woo personally looks beautiful, intelligent, walking in the forefront of the Joseon era. Meanwhile, Yeon Woo possesses the love of crown prince Hwon (Yeon Jin Goo) and half-brother Yang Myung (Lee Min Ho) at the same time.

But the power struggle in the palace changes the life of Yeon Woo. After experiencing the curse of black magic, she is reborn as female shaman Wol (Han Ga In).

In the drama, Wol lost her memory, and is used by Bo Kyung and Queen Dowager, and even suffers three miseries. She is slapped on the face, and is forced to accept the task of absorbing the adversity. In addition, she also gone through the crisis of been branded as the “sinner” on her forehead due to misunderstanding.

In The Moon Embracing the Sun episode 13 that is broadcast on February 15th, 2012, she is been framed as the culprit for illness suffered by Hwon when he is about to consummate his marriage with Bo Kyung, and is tied and escorted away.

On the other hand, unlike the original novel, the drama does not have dramatic arrangement for the memory loss. In the novel, Wol sheds countless tears because of wanting to find back the memory of love.

★ Queen Bo Kyung, although became a moon but ultimately failed

The setting of the drama is the same with novel, when Yoon Bo Kyung (Kim So Kyun) was still a kid, she fell in love at first sight when seeing the handsome crown prince. She is a character full of desire and ambition, wanting the love of Hwon more than anyone else.

The drama specially adds the scene of Yoon Bo Kyung having a nightmare where Yeon Woo appears in the drama, and is running scare trying to keeping female shaman Wol at bay. In the episode 13 of The Moon that Embraces the Sun broadcast on February 9th, 2012, Hwon is saying disgraceful words in front of Bo Kyung, “Undress for the queen.”

Bo Kyung is similarly pitiful in drama and novel. In the novel, Bo Kyung ascends to the throne of queen unknowingly, but has no place in the heart of Hwon, is a character full of doom and gloom.

★ Princess Min Hwa who just wants to get the beloved husband

The life of Princess Min Hwa who is lovely and have no sense finally encounters a test, and that’s Heo Yeom. In order for the outstanding scholar Heo Yeom to be able to become her husband, she joins the incident of killing Yeon Woo with black magic.

Princess Min Hwa has been disturbed by the possibility that Heo Yeom may abandons her due to her past action, and cannot put down Heo Yeom in heart. In addition, in the drama, Yeon Woo is the playmate of Princess Min Hwa during childhood, so it can be said that Princess Min Hwa kills her friend and also involved in harming the crown princess.

After grown up, the Princess Min Hwa in the drama is different from original novel. In the original novel, Prince Min Hwa is also weeping and reflecting on herself in the room of the deceased sister of her husband Heo Yeom because of her mistake.

In the original novel, it can be said that the princess has been living in hell, with tears can be flowing even in embrace of Heo Yeom, living in tears. This is also the price paid by Princess Min Hwa for her past action. Because of hasty filming, Princess Min Hwa is different in the drama, and that’s where the film cannot express the original novel.

★ Dew that disappears when approaching flame, Seol

In the TV series The Moon that Embraces the Sun, Seol has the responsibility to protect Yeon Woo since childhood. She is blamed because of dirtying the clothes of Yoon Bo Kyung. At the home of Yeon Woo, she stands still and stares at Heo Yeom.

The love of Seol for Heo Yeon cannot be realized. Small shaman Jan Shil warns Seol, “Stay near the flame, will disappear,” implying her tragic fate.

Unlike the TV series, in original novel, shaman Jang Nok Young nags Seol, “Why you need a hot flame? Don’t you know how hot is the flame?”

Seol said, “I know will become the melting snow, but not afraid of melting,” expressing her willingness to give her live for Heo Yeom.

The audience is particularly concerned about the story of various characters that appear in The Moon Embracing the Sun drama series. Especially whether the various characters in the drama will have a happy ending in the end is under the spotlight.

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